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On 02/27/2013 10:41 PM in General

Coupla Funnies

I just put down a deposit on a new Porsche 911 and happened to mention it on Facebook. I said "I can't wait for the new 911 to arrive." The next thing I knew 4000 damn muslims added me as a friend.

The Red Cross just knocked at my door and asked if we could help towards the floods in Pakistan. I told them "I would love to, but my garden hose only reaches to the driveway."

I saw a poor little old lady fall down on the ice today. I mean, I presumed she was poor................she only had $1.20 in her pocketbook.

Never, ever criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes........for at that point they will be a mile away. And you'll have their shoes !
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02/28/2013 09:29 AM

LMAO - short and sweet!

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02/28/2013 12:53 PM