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On 09/30/2011 04:20 PM in NFL

A couple Totals on NFL

The Pitt/Houston game looks like a strong over candidate to me. Sitting at 45, Pitt defense has not been the same as we think of the Pitt D to be in years past. They don't seem to have a huge problem scoring other than the wipeout vs Balt in week one where they gave up 35.

Houston has scored in the following order...34, 23, and 33.

The more I look into it, the more I like the over 45.

The game has 35-30 type feel to it. I'm taking the over.

GL Everyone!

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09/30/2011 04:32 PM

On the flipside, the Rams/Washington shouldn't be so high flying. The Rams can't seem to get this whole scoring thing going on. They have now scored in three weeks a total of 36 points on the season.

The Washington D has been relatively pretty darn good. They haven't really been lights out on offense and with a INT or fumble from Grossman keeping the ball out of the endzone a couple extra times, I could see a very low scoring affair.

15-25 wouldn't surpise me.

Looking at playing the under


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09/30/2011 07:33 PM

the under looks good on washing

I dont know about Pitt. they cant score. they'll probably try to slow down the game and run the clock out

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10/01/2011 10:23 AM

Good luck