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So Called Experts

The so called capper experts....Bob..Craig...Jimmy...are a BIG JOKE...they could not capp a game to save their lives! you want good picks that win.....check out my picks and leave the duds behind.

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02/26/2013 12:36 PM


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02/26/2013 12:54 PM

LOL - Dude the great thing about this forum is that all of the picks are posted for free and you can follow anyone you like or not....all of the picks are tracked for us in the monitor...seems to me the only reason for a post like that is you want people to buy your picks...keep posting plays and do well and people will find you - no reason to bash other posters or cappers on the site....

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02/26/2013 01:25 PM

I do like your confidence micky but please understand that as Finance said it just gives the forum an opportunity for those who prefer to pay for plays and follow the ones that release them here to service us. A benefit to us as well is that we can use the points we earn from posting and also get a comp selection from the experts in case someone might be torn who to wager on. Which makes information one of the best sources reliable.

The tracker numbers speak for themselves. It's also beneficial to participate in threads with those who are all here for the same purpose and to even include a little bit of insight which will instantly get you recognized and respected. So please continue to take advantage and best of luck!

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02/26/2013 04:07 PM

that being said, had Syracuse tied up with virtually everything last nite... "statement game" etc...etc..
at work this morning, my buddies said I appeared to be "visibly upset" for much of the AM.... I was.....