marksmoneymakers Posts:29921 Followers:142
On 09/29/2011 05:08 PM in MLB

Series Prices

Who you like? Tampa Bay might be worth a shot as they have been hot.

Rangers -170
Rays +150

Yankees -145
Tigers +125

Brewers -155
Diamondbacks +135

Cardinals .........have not seen yet, I am sure Phils are at least -260

jimmythegreek Posts:12665 Followers:393
09/29/2011 08:03 PM

Really thought the Yankees would be at least a 2-1 favorite. Definitely value there.

Also feel that there's value in the Rays and I think that series could go the distance.

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premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
09/30/2011 03:18 AM

already bet the rangers at -165 to win 10 units. there isn't anyone that is as hot as them right now. there are a lot of holes in the rays lineup. evan longoria is the only person that scares me obviously. upton strikes out too much (esp. against texas pitching)...and they lost the players that gave us a scare last year.

not touching the others though. would love to see a tigers/rangers alcs.

Good luck.
premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
09/30/2011 03:20 AM

i do think that arizona is a bargain though...won't bet it but i can easily see them winning that series

Good luck.
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09/30/2011 08:31 AM


btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
09/30/2011 10:12 AM

Only series I like is the Brewers they are dominate at home! and Marcum who is going game 3 is at his best on the road! Bring out the brooms

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