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NBA 7PM EST Game *Harout Massoyan Handicapping*

Charlotte vs. Indiana, 02/13/2013 19:00
Indiana -11/-110

Indiana hosting Charlotte tonight.

Pretty easy line here tonight based off CONSISTENT STATISTICS.
When i say consistent statistics, i am talking about trends that work in favor of both sides based off of the type of match up we have against these two.

Starting off by noting the ATS record for both these teams, Indiana holds an above .500 ATS record at 28-24, while Charlotte has a poor ATS at 19-32.

In relation to the ATS, Indiana's ATS at home is at a 60% win rate, and when taking into account Charlotte's ATS on the road, 10-15, (40%) the chances of Indiana hitting ATS tonight gets slightly higher, hanging in around 65-70%.

In addition to that 65-70%, we take into account the stats ATS in the past 20 games for both teams. First off, I'd like to mention that Indiana came off a tough loss against Brooklyn in OT, and are hungry to pounce on Charlotte as their last game before the all star break. If you want to play any team before the break to leave off on a good note, its to go against the Bobcats. Second off, Charlotte won their last ATS at home against the Celtics..............

You know what that means ! In the past twenty games, charlotte has gone 7-13 ATS, and everytime they have received a W ATS, they have always lost ATS the following game. In the past twenty games, they have never had two consecutive wins ATS.

On the other hand, to make things sound even better, Indiana has lost two ATS in a row. And again, You know what that means! In the past ten games, they have never lost more than two ATS in a row, and have gone 6-4 above 50% (60%).

Also, to lastly mention, Indiana has beaten Charlotte both away from home and at home by 12 or more points 2 out of 3 times this season.

To sum it all up, taking all things into account, Its more than a 50/50 spread for tonight.
Indiana has the advantage with the -11.

Lay your wagers on Indiana -11 while the lines are open. Sorry for the late post.
BetOnline -110.

Enjoy. And like we say, from my success onto yours. I wish you all wisdom and the best of skills. Stay connected for more picks.

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  • 02/13/2013 10:40 PM

    Congrats to all of those who played this tonight . Whoever has been playing my picks, congrats on the 72% record