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Bookies Battle the Points Spread, Week 4!

Another real good week for a couple bookies as Charlie Ludlow of the Las Vegas Hilton and Mike Piranio of Mandalay Bay both went 11-4 last week.

Frank Turco of the El Cortez continues to lead the pack at 31-16, while Mike Colbert(Cantor Gaming), Brad Trembler(Gold Coast) and Mike Piranio(Mandalay Bay) are right behind him with 29-18 records.

Week 4 Picks

Frank Turco, El Cortez, last week 9-6, overall 31-16; DAL NO SF WAS TEN BUF MIN CHI HOU ATL NYG MIA GB OAK BAL TB and Best Bet is ATL

Mike Colbert, Cantor Gaming, last week 9-6, overall 29-18; DAL JAC SF STL CLE CIN KC CHI HOU SEA ARI MIA GB OAK BAL TB and Best Bet is BAL

Brad Trembler, Gold Coast, last week 9-6, overall 29-18; DET NO PHI STL CLE CIN KC CHI PIT SEA ARI MIA DEN NE BAL TB and Best Bet is NE

Mike Piranio, Mandalay Bay, last week 11-4, overall 29-18; DET JAC PHI STL CLE CIN KC CHI HOU SEA ARI MIA DEN NE BAL TB and Best Bet is CLE

We have several line changes to consider this week. The guys picked the Eagles at –6.5, and that line is at –9 now. When the bookies made their picks the Rams were favored by 2.5, and now we see that the Redskins are now favored by 2.5. The Texans were at –2.5 and that line has moved to –4. The Charges line was picked at –8.5 and now has moved down to the key number of –7. Finally the line on the Bucs was –8.5 and now has moved to the key number of –10. Lots to consider with those changes….

This week the Top Bookies differ from the Consensus Picks on 3 games. (with 3 out of 4 top bookies going against the consensus). The Top Bookies have STL KC and SEA whereas the consensus has WAS MIN and ATL.

***I should note(again), that the top bookies(3 out of 4) picked the Rams and gave 2.5 points and now the line has changed so that they are GETTING 2.5 but the consensus picked the Redskins***

Top Consensus picks this week are Miami(44), Arizona(43) and Atlanta(42), the the Number One Best bet is the Detroit Lions, as 7 Bookies made them their top choice.


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