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NBA Tuesday (2/12) Pick : *Harout Massoyan Handicapping.

Oklahoma City vs. Utah, 02/12/2013 21:00
Utah +6/-110

Tonight we have a matchup between two western Conference/NW Division teams, the Utah Jazz (28-24) against the Oklahoma City Thunder (39-12.)

They face off in Salt Lake tonight. The favorites tonight are the Thunder by -5.5, and I stood by the lines to wait until i could get a +6 line in favor of Utah.

Yeah sure, I bet a lot of you think I'm crazy for going against a team that is currently hot ATS, but wins against PHO ATS if you're a powerhouse team doesn't count, they have been a very easy team to beat ATS this year because they have been blown out by 20+ several times this season, and setting a spread that high is unrealistic.

And to take a few things into account, aside from games against PHO, the ATS record for OKC on the road in the last 20 games is ... 4-6-1; and when you are playing the Utah Jazz, not having an above .500 record ATS on the road is a Red alert.

I know some may think, mehh.....the Utah Jazz, 28-24, not so good; and yes, i agree that they are not the best record on the road, but have you seen their home record?

They are 19-6 at home, and when taking into account the spread (+6) they are 22-3, meaning that this is their record when it comes to winning games or losing less than 6 at home. They have played against the spurs, the heat, and the clippers at home, and have defeated all three of them when being the Dog ATS.

The two teams met once before this season back in November at Oklahoma City, and Utah managed to keep it within 12 points. The chances of them being able to keep it within six, while taking into account their home record and their performances against elite teams at home, the chances of them being able to do this is very likely.

Take Utah +6 tonight.

Pick = +6 Utah Jazz. BetOnline -110.
From my success onto yours, I wish you all the best potential of skill and wisdom.
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Thanks , Harout.

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    Line at +6 still at Bovada 7:16 EST update

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Moneyline Value. (Lakers Game) *Harout Massoyan Handicapping. ***Rare Play (ML) ***

Phoenix vs. LA Lakers, 02/12/2013 22:30
LA Lakers -475

Lakers coming off a hard fought loss at Miami last week. Spread is questionable, because of their lack of consistency , but while the ML is under 1 to 5, take the ML against one of the worst teams in the league(Suns). Been blow out by 25+ these past few games, while on the road expect another loss.

Coming close to the Allstar break, Kobe knows how important it is to turn it up being the veteran he is. Having to match up with lebron last game...nobody from the suns will feel like a challenge to him. Expect dominance and consistency for the remainder of the season from the future hall of faker and his team

Lakers -475 ML.

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Thanks for the nice writeups and good luck!

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    Thanks finance ! Youre always very supportive .

    & congrats to anybody who played this line ! (: