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On 09/29/2011 09:54 AM in NCAA Football

LSU QB Situation

OK I'd like to hear what you guys think. I hear the comments on the news and in our local paper and sometimes I believe Tiger Fans are just plain nuts.

The grand jury has cleared linebacker Josh Johns of all charges in the now famous "bar fight" and they have reduced the charges against QB Jordan Jefferson to a misdemeanor. This allows both young men to be re-enstated to LSU and the football squad.

Here is my question.... Do you give the starting job back to Jefferson? According several of our news polls - the public is about 50/50 on this. I just don't understand that. Maybe I am just to hard on people. OK yes, if they are cleared of the charges then fine allow them back on the team. But they broke team rules by being at the bar and being in a public fight in the first place. Why should he be handed the starting role back? If he re-earns it on the field - that's one thing but why would you take control away from Lee who stepped up and took on a huge leadership role when this happened? Lee has taken the team on a 4 - 0 start to the season, in some poles LSU is #1 in the country. Lee has completed 64 percent of his passes (56 of 87) for 624 yards and six touchdowns. He has thrown just one interception, and LSU is scoring 38.8 points per game. So why should he lose his starting role? I just don't get it.

Les Miles stated last night in his press conference that he was sticking with Lee (FOR NOW) and Jefferson would be his backup. There has been some public out-cry that this is not fair. Jefferson should be given the starting job back. I disagree - for reasons I stated above.


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09/29/2011 10:29 AM

I always have mixed feelings about these's kind of like the Eagles last year - Kolb got hurt and was ready to come back but Vick was playing out of his mind so how can you take him out? Same deal here - no way can you switch when like you said you're averaging 39 points a game and you have a good defense too....

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09/29/2011 10:54 AM

Speaking of various QB things... I have another about Indy? I am not sure I am spelling this right but Sorgie was Payton's backup for years. They let him go. He did his job well (I think) for several years - coming in during the times payton came out due to a lead or what-have you. SO WHY when this guy lives right in Indy do they not bring him back... he knows the players, he knows the system - yet they get Collins? I am BUM FUZZLED on that one too

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09/29/2011 01:09 PM

Being an LSU fan myself i don't think that Jefferson should be allowed to just walk back in and be handed back the job. Lee has done everything asked of him and played well while doing it , so i think unless he proves otherwise this is now his team the rest of the way. Want to mix in some packages (wildcat type) for Jefferson to get him worked back in game wise i don't see a problem with that so incase something happens to Lee he is game ready. I have seen a lot of fans locally also saying that Jefferson should get the job back simply because he can well he put himself in the position he was in , so there is a cost for those actions and for now its that you are the backup QB. Lee has earned this opportunity and now i think its HIS job to lose.

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09/29/2011 02:01 PM


Lee has won some amazing games. all on the road. only one INT

they're going to stick with Lee for the most part and use Jefferson on "3rd/4th and short" and some goal line plays

just read sharpsquare's post, you're right on