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On 09/28/2011 11:48 PM in NCAA Football

few games getting alot of action ...151

i go to vegas about 4 times a year...my freind nick works at the sportbook at harrahs...he said alot of action is being bet on the . clemson/virg tech game...and ark/a+m....texas/iowa st...and wash/utah...and as i looked..those lines have been going back and forth this week...back n forth..i already got clemson at 6.5 didnt want to pay 130 for 7...and i am on wash now at +8..wash last week covered, and the money was going totally against them..if i rememberthey went from - pts to plus points..so someone was giving out that game, or alot of people just loved cal....i had wash..like them again....ark im not sure about, at home getting pts?...at least a good tease play...texas iowa st, i have no opinion..off the top id say iowa st.... anyway thought id share gl all 151

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09/29/2011 01:17 AM

I had washington last week too.

it's all about steve!

but i dont know about this game. this game is iffy. +8 looks a whole lot better then +7 though

steve should be able to keep this game close. been betting against USC since he left...

I also like clemson. VT hasnt played anyone... clemson has some of the best blocking WRs creating some big holes.