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NCAAB- Top Game of the Day. *Harout Massoyan Handicapping Free Pick* 5-2-2 Record

Michigan vs. Wisconsin, 02/09/2013 12:00
Michigan -2/-110

Hello all, some of you may remember me from a couple months ago with my solid analysis on NBA plays when i first started here in November, and even though I have been away from the site, I have spent some time away from the computer, primarily working on strategies to i can pass on as much knowledge as i can for you guys to all become successful.

As i left off with my record at 5-2-2, i look to come back with great percentages for you guys, and keep positive units.

This will be my first Bang the Book analysis of a NCAAB game ever, and even though my specialty is in the NBA and NFL, which are tougher than the NCAA, i look to give you guys the best insight i possibly can from my experience.

Today, in this Matinee and my favorite game of Saturday, the number one and the number 4 seed of the Big Ten Conf. match up. This is going to be a big game for both teams, and a good test for both sides. Michigan holds a record of 21-2, undefeated at home, and 66% on the road this season, they look to capitalize against an inter conference game early tomorrow.

Wisconsin's record; not as great of course at 16-7, but a great home record at 12-2. However, despite the 86% winning record at home, Wisconsis does not have an outstanding record when facing teams above 500 winning percentages. Their overall record for games against teams above .500 is 7-7, and their opponent tomorrow (Michigan) will have the best record opposed to all of those other 14 teams Wisconsin previously played in. The odds are not in favor when looking at the statistics.

For Michigan on the other hand, having only two losses with a supporting 21 wins, is almost as good as its going to get for any team. They hold a strong record, and have been able to do it with a tough schedule. Out of the 23 games they have played, 19 of those games have been against teams that were either at, or above a 50% winning percentage which is very good. On the other hand, Wisconsin has played the same amount of games, at 23, but 8 of those games have been against teams below a 50% winning rate.

The two loses that Michigan have had this season are exceptionable. No team is going to be perfect, and the teams they lost against were against good caliber teams they had to play on the road, both Ohio State (only lost by 3) and Indiana who was the number one seed at the time(by again single digits [8] ).

I like the odds here on Michigan, as i cannot see them losing one in Wisconsin, and for a victory, two points is not hard to cover.

Taking Michigan tomorrow morning for the -2 (-110).

From my success onto yours, i hope you guys stay connected for more picks soon, and i will be posting more consistently now that things have settled down. I wish you all the best of luck, but more importantly the development of skill and wisdom in whatever you do

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02/09/2013 01:12 PM

NBA 7 P.M. Pick *Harout Massoyan Handicapping*

Utah vs. Sacramento, 02/09/2013 22:00
Sacramento -1/-110

In tonight's evening game of the NBA we have the Sacramento Kings hosting the Utah Jazz.

Given the fact that the Sacramento Kings happen to be my favorite team in the league, and I do not like playing on them for that reason, i point out several factors that will make an impact on tonights game.

First off I'd like to start off by saying that the Utah Jazz have one of the best records at home with 19-6, however a mediocre record on the road (9-17) halts them from being one of the better teams in the NBA. Out of those overall 9 road wins, four of the most recent ones are against sorry teams such as Charlotte, Phoenix, Orlando, and Detroit They have played 5 games in 7 days, and have to play the second game of a back to back coming off a home loss against the bulls last night.

On the other hand, even though the kings are not that great either, they hold a solid record at home (.500) 12-12, and look to capitalize against a bad road team. These two played 5 days ago, and Sacramento has not had a game since. Even though they lost the previous game against Utah in Salt Lake, they kept it substantially close against one of the best home teams in the NBA. To also mention, they have had plenty of rest back home, and also time to emphasize on what needs to be adjusted this time around since they haven't had a game since they played Utah last.

Kings are healthy, DeMarcus is not suspended, and they are ready to come with fire tonight.

In all matchups between these two this season, both teams have defended at home. 2 Games in Utah, and 1 at Sacramento, look for the season series to be split tonight.

Taking Sacramento -1 tonight.

From my success onto yours, and I wish you all the best of look, but more importantly skill and wisdom. Stay connected, and follow for more picks.


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