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On 02/09/2013 12:41 AM in Contests

UFC Contest Players

Hey guys! For those of you that play in the FREE $2000 DSI UFC Contests I want to give you the heads up on a couple of things!

#1) In case you missed it on the UFC site's Message Board, DSI has made some changes as far as the "requirements" for playing!

#2) It seems like lately the fight card has been changing as the fights draw near! This has cause people to miss out on picking a few of the fights! SO PLEASE- take a second to check back in the day before and/or the day of the fights to make sure nothing has changed and that you've picked all the fights!

SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOG IN and READ THE MEASSAGE BOARD so that you can meet the requirements for playing rather than win a prize and not be able to collect it!

Thanks guys and see ya on Sat the 23rd for the next fight!

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