endymion Posts:391 Followers:18
On 02/03/2013 07:47 PM in NFL

Fake FG - good decision or not?

Can someone who knows more about this game explain it please? Assuming the FG is almost a sure thing from that distance (90%+), the Ravens need to get the first down AND then convert it to a touchdown almost half the time to make it a profitable play. Can they reasonably expect that to happen? Or is there not much difference between 14-3 and 17-3 (SF need 2 TDs either way) so they take the risk trying to go up 18?

marksmoneymakers Posts:30746 Followers:142
02/03/2013 08:06 PM

I did not like it at all. Why take almost automatic points off the board in such a huge game?

bigcat21 Posts:722 Followers:30
02/03/2013 08:15 PM

i like it

jimmythegreek Posts:12819 Followers:394
02/03/2013 08:20 PM

If anything the move might have made sense if it was San Francisco in the same situation ahead or behind. Taking points off the board is a momentum killer, but then again Akers has the only 2 field goals on the board to this point. Still a whole half of football left, but currently the decision impact isn't likely to affect Baltimore.

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roguesalmon Posts:2185 Followers:127
02/03/2013 08:30 PM

Take the 3 points.

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