timmy Posts:6 Followers:0
On 02/02/2013 08:39 PM in General

Any Super Bowl square pools an old degenerate like me isn't too late for??

Hi everyone. I lost all info from years back. Rebound this place by googling Spooky and Coverit. Anyways, all is good with everyone, and if anyone has a square Or two left they need to sell, hit me up at sox59@comcast.net
I can't figure out how to use pm here, nor do I have FB or twitter, yes, I'm an old loser.


spooky Posts:4695 Followers:319
02/02/2013 11:29 PM

Well the good news is you can start signing up for March Madness Timmy. I wouldnt call you a loser though. Just old.

Long sold out on my end. Make sure you put my email address in your contact list so you receive all the notices.
You can check it at www.spookyexpress.com

GL and hope all is well.

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timmy Posts:6 Followers:0
02/03/2013 01:37 AM

Thanks Marc!!!!! I will def get in on the Madness. SB somehow passed me by.

So many familiar names here, great to see!!!

finance Posts:9364 Followers:232
02/03/2013 08:55 AM

Hey Timmy welcome to btb! Glad you were able to find us...we have a great group here and I think you'll grow to like the format once you get used to it..hope you'll be able to stick around!

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