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On 01/28/2013 03:32 PM in NHL

NHL - RIDE THE TIDE...SURF'S UP !! cautious of teams in back to back games MOST especially if off a loss.
In tonight's case Vancouver comes into play in a B2B game. They are off a loss ysdty.

I see 4 wins and 7 losses in the 2nd of B2B games for teams that won their 1st of B2B games this year.
( stat may be off )

For teams that lost their 1st game in back to back game sitautions, there have been 10 Losses and 1Win
in their 2nd game of the B2B's.
Only Winnipeg managed to come back with a win after a shoot out loss in a B2B. So the s/o
loss was like a win as they took a point.

Anyhow Vancouver lost last night so............go for another L. LA has Kopitar back now so they will improve.

Ride the wave till the tide shifts.

LA KIngs - 135

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01/28/2013 03:39 PM

Great Stuff man thanks and Good Luck - already put LA in as my streaker play....

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FLLWING HAVE LOST IN THE 2ND OF B2B GAMES THIS YEAR (after having lost the 1st game ):

The number is 8 times not 10 ( must have double counted a team or two)

Sunday Jan 20 - Philly, Vancouver, Phoenix
Monday 1- 21 - Calgary
Tuesday 1-22 - Florida,
Thursday 1-24 - Columbus
Friday 1-25 - Washington, Buffalo

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01/28/2013 06:36 PM

Playing for a 2-2 tie in 3 way line as well took LA
Will be a late night waiting for a shootout win.

See thw goalie now is Luongo. Damn was banking on shaky Schneider...
...Anyhow...LA 's turn to step forward. Make or break night !