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Kaepernick the 6th QB to start mid-season and make the SB

The first 3 were quite a while ago....
Terry Bradshaw 1974
Vince Ferragamo 1979
Jim Plunkett 1980

Plunkett and Bradshaw both won their games while Ferragamo lost to the Steelers (and Bradshaw)

the two more recent ones -
Jeff Hostetler 1990...his was even more unusual than the rest in that Simms broke his foot in week 15 so Hoss didn't have half the season to figure it out like the other guys

Trent Dilfer 2000 - this team was ALL about defense - Dilfer took over for Tony Banks after the Ravens went 4 weeks without an offensive TD...Under Dilfer they won their last 7 regular season games and swept through 4 postseason games winning all by double digits....

So not very often and only the 3rd time in the last 33 years...the thing I remember most about the 2000 year was the surprise in the NFC Championship game...just going from memory so it may certainly be faulty - LOL....that year was the rookie season for Daunte Culpeper and Randy Moss and Minnesota was a monster breaking records for points scored but the shocker of that postseason was when the Kerry Collins led Giants absolutely demolished that Minnesota team in the NFC Championship game I want to say it was something like 41-0....

Interesting stat for the 49ers backers - out of the 5 qb's mentioned 4 won their Superbowl game.....hmmmmmmm

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01/25/2013 11:11 AM

What a game that was when the Giants demolished the Vikings. We should have beaten the Ravens as well but some bad calls changed the game. I was at that game heart breaking.

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