finance Posts:9342 Followers:230
On 01/22/2013 09:25 AM in NHL

Some Great Capping here with the early NHL season

If you haven't noticed, NHL has been added to the monitor for this season and we have some cappers here kicking it pretty good with the young season.....

To check out the monitor records click HERE

Keep up the great work!

  • All Time Record: 2158-2163-57
  • Last 7 Days Record: 9-6-0
  • Last 30 Days Record: 52-54-0
endymion Posts:391 Followers:18
01/22/2013 09:58 AM

Nice. Looks like there are at least 5-6 really excellent NCAAB cappers as well.

bobalou Posts:5398 Followers:148
01/22/2013 09:59 AM

Too Kool - maybe I'll finally figure out how to cap hockey by watching the monitor for a bit!

Or at least following the hot hands

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