btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
On 09/27/2011 02:22 PM in NFL

Michael Vick Crying

]For those of you not in the NY area...

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bobalou Posts:5409 Followers:148
09/27/2011 02:29 PM

The pic didn't show up but I clicked on the ? and saw it... OH MY LOL too funny...

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lucky777 Posts:176 Followers:3
09/27/2011 03:08 PM

Ah come on guys, that's good ole Mike Vick and he's a nice guy. Give him a break ;D

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premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
09/28/2011 05:27 PM

i like michael vick...but he really is being a baby. quarterbacks get hit all over the league...he needs to shut it and just play. nobody can help if he gets injured all the time and can't take a hit.

Good luck.