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NFL Playoff Picks

NFL Playoff Picks
*Every week as the playoffs progress the lines become tougher to read because all the teams still left at this point have shown they can win. There are two games floating around three points with the other two huge favorites sitting around 10 points. It is hard to imagine that a playoff team at this stage of the season will lose by double digits but we are talking about the Broncos and Patriots.

1) Ravens @ Broncos - The Ravens defense beat up Mr. Luck last week and they won the game for the Ravens. Although the Ravens put up 24 points they still looked like a sputtering offense. The Colts were just happy to be in the playoffs and they are at the bottom of playoff teams. So don't celebrate yet Ray. I don't like Flacco, he is a dipshit. He plays well one game and sucks another. No consistency with this guy. Rice is a pain in the Broncos front line and could get some yards. But If it werent for the Ravens defense the Ravens would not make the playoffs. The Broncos have been smashing teams at home. Coming off a two week vacation they are well rested and prepared for the Ravens. Manning at home shows no mercy by putting up thirty points with ease every time. He is such a an offensive machine it is hard to bet against him. Moreno has been getting his yards on the ground and had a good game last time they played the Ravens. The Broncos defense has been dominating at home with Von ripping QB heads off.The last time these two teams met the Broncos won by 14 on the road. But this is the playoffs and a double digit spread is large at this time in the season. This game is supposed to be a dick shrinker with temps in the teens. I just don't see Flacco getting his shit together against this Broncos defense. Broncos might not score thirty but I dont see the Ravens scoring much at all.

Broncos -9.5

2) Packers @ 49ers - The Packers had a decent showing last week against the quarterback less Vikings. Not to impressed with the win though because the Back up for Minnesota was ass. But the run defense for the Packers showed signs of improvement when they held Peterson in check. A double digit win in the playoffs is commendable. The 49ers have had two weeks off to prepare for this home game. Gore could be a problem for the Packers run defense if the Packers revert to their old ways. The weakness in this game is Kaper man. A newbie to the playoffs is always tough and there is a possibilty he shits the bed come production time. Clay will be all over him with Woodson patroling the secondary. As for Rodgers, he is money during the playoffs. He has shown he can come into your house and clean it. Superbowl run comes to mind. The 49ers defense is nasty when they are healthy. Smith has tricep problems and will support a brace which could hinder his effectiveness. The Packers running attack has not been that impressive over the years but they have shown improvement the last couple of games. In all reality the packers run game needs to only be effective enough to give Rodgers time to throw. I am backing the Packers to cover.

Packers +3

3) Seahawks @ Falcons - The Seahawks stole the game against the Redskins last week. RG3 was crippled after the first quarter and lost a 14 point lead. Although the Seahawks came away with a win, I think the outcome of the game would had favored the Redskins had RG3 stayed healthy. The Falcons have rested the last two weeks waiting for their opponent to enter their house. We all know about Atlanta the past couple of years and the playoff curse. They get home field advantage and piss it away which means they suck in the playoffs. Seattle has the momentum right now but they haven't played at the home domination of the Falcons. I expect Ryan to come up this year and win at least one playoff game. He has to because the run game has been not effective. This might be a possible thing because Seattle defense is without Clemens. Seattle does have Lynch on offense who tore up the Redskins last week and will probably have a good game again. Still not sold on Wilson. He is the last rookie quarterback left in the playoffs and although he can run the ball, he will need to throw the ball to get a win. The win last week by Seattle was tainted due to RG3 getting hurt and the Redskins could of got the win if he stayed in the game injury free. I think the Falcons break the curse this year and get a home victory like they have been doing all year.

Falcons -2.5

4) Texans @ Patriots - The Texans offense looked like shit last weekend. They failed to get a throwing touchdown again and haven't done so since week 15. It is a Field Goal display for the Texans. The Texans had no option but to win against the Bengals when the opposing quarterback can't do squat. The Texans defense engulfed the Bengals offense with ease but they have the offensive juggernaut Patriots to deal with this week. And who can forget the ass kicking the Texans took last time they went to visit the Patriots. Brady is a machine at home and puts up points when ever he feels like it. The Patriots are getting their wide reciever and tide end core back into action which will be causing headaches for the Texan secondary once again. On the otherhand Shaub has looked pathetic and he has lost his confidence. Foster is still a weapon but Patriots defense shut him down last time. Brady has proven over and over again he wins in the playoffs. The Texans will not be able to keep pace with the offensive barage by Brady. With the Texans not scoring touchdowns they will get smoked.

Patriots -9.5

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01/11/2013 07:08 PM

Great stuff man thanks! LMAO at "dick shrinker"...

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01/11/2013 07:54 PM

Like them all but Atlanta

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01/11/2013 08:01 PM

Thats one game I am having second thoughts about......
I could see Seahawks vs. Packers
Rematch seems fitting since the last minute interception or wait touchdown in Seattle

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01/11/2013 11:19 PM

GL and thanks for sharing! I like 3 of the picks - I have no clue about the Atlanta/Seattle game! I can see that one going either way!!! I think Atlanta has a bit of an "experience edge" but Seattle just seems to keep on winning!

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