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Record to far left is overall record so far. Records after your name are week by week records in order. (0-0) means you made mistakes posting and it counts as a missed week. (DNP) means you simply did not play that week.

1. (12-6) Thehitman (5-1)(5-1)(2-4)
2. (12-6) Minet123 (3-3)(5-1)(4-2)
3. (11-6-1) Bobalou (2-4)(4-2)(5-0-1)

(11-7) Boogyman (3-3)(5-1)(3-3)
(10-6-2) Oakas (4-1-1)(5-1)(1-4-1)
(10-7-1) Mcrowe38315 (3-2-1)(4-2)(3-3)
(10-8) Igetp2s (5-1)(2-4)(3-3)
(10-8) Enzymex (5-1)(1-5)(4-2)
(8-9-1) 8550937 (2-3-1)(2-4)(4-2)
(8-10) Hatman (4-2)(3-3)(1-5)
(8-10) Hitmen44 (3-3)(3-3)(2-4)
(7-9-2) Sharpsquare (2-3-1)(3-3)(2-3-1)
(7-10-1) Aakj (3-3)(3-3)(1-4-1)
(7-11) Bill2266 (1-5)(4-2)(2-4)
(7-11) Nikalibobwa (0-6)(3-3)(4-2)
(6-11-1) Marksmoneymakers (2-3-1)(3-3)(1-5)
(6-11-1) Gamblinrose (2-3-1)(3-3)(1-5)
(6-12) Miners26 (1-5)(2-4)(3-3)

Everybody below was not eligible for this months prize, but they can still win the yearly prize.

*(8-3-1) Bulldog (6-0)(0-0)(2-3-1)
*(7-4-1) Kbhirsch (3-2-1)(4-2)(DNP)
*(7-5) Finance (3-3)(0-0)(4-2)
*(7-5) Surfryder21 (3-3)(4-2)(0-0)
*(7-5) Iwutitan (3-3)(4-2)(DNP)
*(6-5-1) Jimmythegreek (2-3-1)(4-2)(DNP)
*(5-7) Cnotes (3-3)(2-4)(0-0)
*(4-1-1) Dogwoodman (4-1-1)(DNP)(DNP)
*(4-2) Roguesalmon (4-2)(0-0)(0-0)
*(4-2) Albatross7(4-2)(DNP)(DNP)
*(4-8) Mojo822 (3-3)(0-0)(1-5)
*(3-9) Shantystar (1-5)(0-0)(2-4)
*(3-3) Trytrytry (DNP)(DNP)(3-3)
*(3-3) Deadphish (DNP)(DNP)(3-3)
*(3-9) Yellowdragon (2-4)(1-5)(DNP)
*(3-2-1) Jrich (3-2-1)(0-0)(DNP)
*(3-3) Theseer (3-3)(DNP)(DNP)
*(3-3) BigCat21 (DNP)(3-3)(DNP)
*(2-3-1) Danpan (2-3-1)(DNP)(DNP)
*(2-4) Doof (DNP)(DNP)((2-4)
*(2-4) Mattdagreat (DNP)(DNP)((2-4)
*(0-0) br_eilering (DNP)(0-0)(DNP)

*Cannot qualify for 1st months prize because they missed a week, or their picks were not made correctly and received an (0-0) for the week which counts as a missed week.

Thehitman & Minet123 tied for first place. I am assuming that the prizes for first and second place will be combined and split equally. Bobalou takes third place. Congrats guys.

Remember guys, it is very important that you do not miss a week OR make mistakes posting you plays to qualify for the monthly prize.

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09/26/2011 07:39 PM

Thanks to the sponsor, Marks & the whole Bang gang. Will be happy to share the prize. Congrats to Minet & Bobalou. Strong charge down the stretch, Bobs, really nice.......MInet, that ought to pay for lotsa weeks for you from RAS, LOL.

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09/27/2011 03:24 AM

congrads to the winners

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09/27/2011 02:14 PM


"A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet"!
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09/27/2011 02:49 PM

WOW what a shock.. Thanks Mark and BTB for all you guys do with the contests.

Great Fun!

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