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The Weekend Playoff Picks

Gamblers Preview

* Its Playoff time in the NFL. Both teams that play each other this weekend are capable of winning the game, That is why it is difficult to read the lines come playoff time. Team records mean little during this time because the playoffs is all about momentum. The Giants and Packers come to mind when they ran the tables to their Superbowl wins with less than stellar records. Its all about who is hot and who is not.

1) Bengals @ Texans - The Bengals clearly have the momentum on their side in this game. The Texans on the other hand have lost three of their last four games while the Bengals have won the three of their last four games. The Texans embarassed the Bengals last year in the playoffs and the Bengals are 0-5 their last five attempts at a playoff win. But the Bengals are getting hot when it matters. Dalton and Green are playing well right now. Shaub has shown weaknesses recently. Foster is a strong weapon for the Texans in this game and he will probably get his yards and it may be enough for the Texans to win this game but not by 5 points. Defense for the Texans is impressive with Watts running quarterback heads in to the ground which is a worry. But the Bengals front four on Defense are a force to reckon with. I think the Bengals if not win, keep it close within the spread.

Pick: Bengals +4.5

Things to Consider:
Texans - 6-2 at Home
Texans - 6-2 ATS at Home
Bengals - 6-2 Away
Bengals - 5-1 ATS at Away

2) Vikings @ Packers - Packers lost to a last minute field goal by the Vikings last week to force a rematch this week. Adrian ran all over the Packers which he is averaging around Two Hundred yards against the Packers this year. Ouch. He will do it again this week in all probablity but I think the weakness here is Ponder. He does not play well against the Packers when at Packers. The Vikings are not the same team away and the Packers dominate opponets on the Frozen Thundra. The Packers are getting healthy at the right time with Nelson, Cobb, and Woodson coming back into action this weekend. The last time the Vikings played the Packers at home, they lost by Nine. Although the Vikings have some momentum from last weeks win, the home crowd willed them to a win. The Viking magic stops with Rodgers arm throwing all over the Vikings secondary. May be a lopsided victory for the Packers.

Pick: Packers -7.5 ( Might want to buy a half)

Things to Consider:
Vikings - 3-5 Away
Vikings - 4-3 ATS at Away
Packers - 7-1 at Home
Packers - 7-1 ATS at Home

3) Colts @ Ravens - Colts pulled an upset last week by beating the Texans last week, so they are peaking at the right time. But is that enough for beating the Ravens. I dont think so. The Ravens have lost three out of four but they were against playoff teams. The Colts minus game last week, have been beating the teams at the bottom of the league. I think Luck gets an eye opener on Sunday when he enters his first playoff game when faces Ravens experienced defense. Flacco has experience and usually comes up Playoff time, at least first round. Ravens are one of the tougher teams at home while the Colts are 50/50 on the road. I think the experience is too much to turn against.

Pick: Ravens -7

Things to Consider:
Colts - 4-4 Away
Colts - 3-5 ATS Away
Ravens - 6-2 Home
Ravens - 4-3 ATS Home

4) Seahawks @ Redskins - Most Difficult game to read between lines this weekend. Both teams are hot with momentum peaking at the right time. I think the Big difference in this game is Home Field Advantage. Seahawks are a different team on the Road then at Home. I would take the Seahawks if this game was played in Seattle but its not. The Redskins feed off the crowd when at home and RG3 does not disapoints his fans. Morris has been running all over defenses this season which makes the Redskins twice as deadly. Wilson has come up with big plays all year but it seems he pulls these plays out his ass. Personally I think Wilson is an average quarterback. Yeah he is winning but he never dominates. I think Seattles defense is the elite side of the ball. This game will be a battle but I think Redskins squeak out a win. The spread is low so you are basically picking the winner here. Its all about the Home Field in this one.

Redskins +2.5 ( If you could get at +3.5, take it right away)

Things to Consider:
Seahawks - 3-5 Away
Seahawks - 4-3 ATS at Away
Redskins - 5-3 at Home
Redskins - 2-5 ATS Home

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