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NFL Picks for Week 17

Week 17 NFL PIcks
* Teams that have Playoff Implications For that Game

1) Jets @ Bills - Jets quarterback dilema continues as Tebow sits the Bench. Sanchez will probably end up playing in this game and he is terrible. I know he smoked the Bills the first game of the season but that wont happen again. The Jets are a mess on offense right now and the Bills seem to win the battles of the ugly when at home.
Bills -3

2) Ravens @ Bengals - Ravens squashed the Giants last week so they have some confidence but the Bengals have been winning too. The Bengals beat the Steelers at home last week in a tough, close game. The last time these two teams met on the start of the season, the Ravens at home manhandled the Bengals but the Bengals have improved since then. I don't trust Flacco that much and I think Dalton will play well enough to get the win at home, probably by a field goal. Both teams are in the playoffs regardless of outcome.
Bengals -2.5

3) Texans* @ Colts - Texans beat the Colts a couple of weeks ago 29 - 17. The Texans have more to play for in this game. They can clinch home field with a win. Colts are in the playoffs as 5th seed. The Colts are tough at home at 6-1 but the Texans are 6-1 away. I know the Texans need this game more then the Colts but I think this game will be close within the seven point spread especially when you have Luck on your side.
Colts +7.5

4) Jaguars @ Titans - Two losing teams with no hope of playoffs. Jaguars are seriosly depleted on the offensive side of the ball and they have a 2-13. Titans aren't much better but they haven't been playing teams like the Jaguars. Sloppy boring game. I am taking the Titans at home against the worse of the league.
Titans -4

5) Eagles @ Giants - The Giants have been horrible the last two weeks and I dont think they will make the playoffs, regardless of what happens in this game. Vick is supposed to be at quarterback this week for the Eagles final game and possibly Reid's last one too. I have lost Giant spreads the last two weeks and this game reeks of upset in the eyes of the odds. Don't know if Eagles win this one outright but I think it will be a battle.
Eagles +7.5

6) Bears* @ Lions - The Lions have not lived up to their hype this season which means they are watching playoffs from home. The Bears need this win to keep playoff hopes alive with a win and some losses. The Bears are missing Urlacher and Forte is banged up. Cutler is unpredictable with a shaky O line and I think Detroit defense gets to him often. On offense for the Lions, Megatron wants that record. I think Detroit pulls this minor upset at home.
Lions +3.5

7) Buccaneers @ Falcons - Bucs have nothing to play for and neither do the Falcons. Falcons already clinced 1st round bye and home field. The question is how much will the starters play, if they play the whole game with some vigor then take Atlanta, no doubt. But I think some of the starters will eventually sit. Bucs played them tough at home but this is not that same team. Is a toss up bu I think Atlanta gets an early lead and clings to it.
Atlanta -3

8) Panthers @ Saints - Both teams are looking forward to next season. Cam has played well as of late but so has New Orleans. Drew will want to put on his show in the dome. Saints usually score touchdowns and I dont think Cam can keep pace. Granted the Saints defense is horrible but they have played well as of late. I think the passing game of the Saints is too much.
Saints -5.5

9) Dolphins @ Patriots* - Patriots may be playing for playoff position in this game. Depends on earlier action. Large spread in this one and Patriots generally don't cover double digit spreads. Everybody will pick the Patriots so bookies love these kind of games. Based on that fact I will take the Dolphins to cover.
Dolphins +10.5

10) Chiefs @ Broncos* - Huge spread in this one and I am weary of it. I know the Chiefs are terrible and the Broncos are a well oiled machine, especially at home with Peyton. But the Broncos failed to cover by 9 at Kansas CIty. But there is a reason for such a high spread because Denver has offense with the defense. Chiefs have neither. Broncos have something to play for in this game with a 1st round bye at stake. My only worry is that Broncos get a big lead and sit Peyton for a backdoor cover by the Chiefs. Broncos are too good at home and Peyton can run things to a big Victory.
Broncos -16

11) Packers @ Vikings - This game has playoff implications for both teams. Packers win, 1st round bye, Vikings win in the playoffs. This will be one of the best games of the day. Pererson is tough at home and can run all over the Packers and probably will but Rodgers can whip that football. Vikings had an impressive win last week at Texans and are looking like a playoff team. The Packers dismantled the Titans last week but they got a little dinged up on offense. I think this game will come down to a field goal, either way. So I will take the Vikings.
Vikings +4

12) Chargers -9.5
13) Cardinals +16.5

14) Cowboys* @ Redskins* - Playoff implications in this one. NFC East title up for grabs. Dallas lost last week to the Saints at home in OT. Redskins have won the last 6 games. The only question you need to ask is who do you trust more. RG3 or Romo. I think Romo chokes and RG3 has a good game.
Redskins -2.5

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    NFL Betting Results Week 17
    9 Wins - 5 Loss = 64%

    Last two Week Record
    21 Wins - 12 Loss = 63.6%

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Time for the Playoffs. Good luck.