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On 12/22/2012 07:39 PM in NBA

NBA Secret Sport Betting System? 136-4

hi there

i'm fairly new to sports betting & a virgin when it comes to forum's lol. so hopefully i'm not breaking any rules. i don't think i am???

i had a friend who was making some money from a sports betting program & he claimed it was pretty good. so i joined at the beginning of the nba season & its pretty cool so far i've made $668 betting $20.

i've been paper tracking this progressive betting system with $100 & now its up $3340. i used to trade FX so by paper tracking i mean not real money just following pick's.

i know its not big money but for me a newbie its pretty awesome. ANYWAY i'm getting side tracked as i do.

i was wondering if anyone had any experience with this program? i'd love to hear from you about its past performance. of course i've asked him but can he really be trusted? he might just be selling me membership's & this could all turn to custard very soon....

any help would be appreciated thank you

p.s. i've been asking on other forum's but have yet to have a reply! anyone with experience would be much appreciated thank you!

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12/22/2012 08:20 PM

You haven't had any replies because it looks too much like you're trying to sell the system and maybe you are....

Sorry to say that no system will do that long term or enough people would start using it and put Vegas out of business.....glad you're doing well but proceed with extreme caution

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12/23/2012 10:48 PM

selling? maybe it i had an affiliate link it would seem that way.

i was merely asking if anyone had any experience? obviously not hence why i was getting no response.

i hear what you're saying though i am betting very cautiously like i said only $20 A bets.

what's cool though is that i won another 2 bet's today: A on Phili & B on SA. so i'm very happy so far.

i was actually thinking of posting the play's for anyone else that may want to follow it.

either way i'm very happy man right now.

thanks finance for the advice. i will bet cautiously for atleast 12 months then i will probably increase after full 12 months of profitability.

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12/24/2012 07:43 AM

Good luck and it would be great if you posted the plays...

  • All Time Record: 2227-2226-60
  • Last 7 Days Record: 13-20-1
  • Last 30 Days Record: 51-56-3
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12/25/2012 06:55 AM

yeah thanks man. i really hope it work's out. but i'm still sorta 'waiting to be disappointed' if you know what i mean?

yeah i think i should start posting pick's. but i better check first. i don't want to get into trouble or get sued or nothing.

apparently big day xmas can't wait!

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12/25/2012 08:49 PM

its all good really. i've found a forum where close to 30 people are part of the program. my guess is that thats where he advertises exclusively. but they've all been at it about the same time as i have & have confirmed what i've been betting is the same as them. its reassuring

i'ma email the owner, & see if he'll let me post his play's

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12/26/2012 07:48 PM

owner of course disagreed with me posting his pick's not to mention he said if he ever caught me i'd be removed from the program permanently.

i'll give him this link so he can see for himself that i haven't.