btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
On 12/22/2012 11:26 AM in General

Got My First Xmas Present!

So wife arranged a night out in city, with hotel room and baby sitter for the kids. Is it said I am looking forward to sleeping in the most LOL..

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spooky Posts:4697 Followers:319
12/22/2012 11:46 AM


Very nice. You going to a Broadway show or just eating and sleeping. :)

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finance Posts:9371 Followers:232
12/22/2012 11:46 AM

LOL welcome to old man married life!!!

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jimmythegreek Posts:12648 Followers:392
12/22/2012 11:54 AM

Stayed at the Millenium Hilton for my birthday several years back. Nothing beats the royal treatment, even if it is for just a day. Have fun!

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bobalou Posts:5405 Followers:148
12/22/2012 01:28 PM

Sounds great! I hope you enjoy! I know I'm enjoying the calm quietness here at the lake!!!

(Just say your resting up for Santa - or Santa's helper if you have much to put together for the girls when you get back - it sounds better than telling the wife you just want to sleep in LOL)

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yisman Posts:836 Followers:68
12/22/2012 02:25 PM

nice, ryan

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
12/22/2012 03:52 PM

Going to see and then dinner in Little Italy (Il Cortile) same restaurant we ate at the night I asked her to marry me... Then staying at the Marriott

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