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On 12/21/2012 11:15 PM in NCAA Football

Hidi Ho from Ark

For those of you that have known me a while, you know I spend the holidays with my family in Ark! This year is no different! We made yet normally 8 hour trip in 10.5 hours yesterday thanks to storms when we left Baton Rouge and high high high winds the rest if the way! I read in the paper the areas we traveled thru had but to 50 mph gusts! It was a &#%#* to drive through!

Anyway we're here now safe and sound and ready for some Good Food, Friends, Family & Football! 4 of my favorite things!

BYU & C. Flo were good to me & I'm hoping to build from there! Leaning towards LA Lafa and Boise St next!

Thoughts or reasons I should change my mind?? If so, let me know!


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