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Offshore question

So in regards to the happenings at another book today, how can we tell that a book is financially sound? I play with, and trust, both DSI and bookmaker, but what is to say the same thing happens with them? Is there a way for us to find out how stable they are? I'm guessing they don't post financial data anywhere.

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12/18/2012 09:29 PM

Great question. Wish I knew the answer. Nothing is guaranteed in life. I trust all the books listed here at BTB.

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12/18/2012 09:41 PM

I played with online bets for at least 4 months. I deposited $ most of the time, BUT when I won more than 10K and requested to withdrew the money. IT IS EXTREMELY HARD and COMPLICATED. Therefore, I stopped playing online. The money in their hands, which means theirs. You have no way to take it back... Couple hundreds are OK, but take out couple thousands.... NOT EASY. Now I have an excellent local Italian guy...He's so good.....Just a few words to share my experiences.

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12/19/2012 09:13 AM

I know that both Ryan and Spooky know most of the players for the books that advertise here - I'll let them chime in on their experiences because it's a valid question given the current environment....

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12/19/2012 10:34 AM

I will let Ryan elaborate a bit more on a few things but let me just embellish some thoughts.

Bookmaker has been in business over 30 years, privately owned and the most secure place to play along with BetDSI. I had only done business with the Bookmaker family (BetDSI, BetCRIS) since I got started years ago and the relationships that have been created are why I have done so. Being in business myself for quite a number of years I built my reputation and name on trust, honesty and customer service. So recommending people and having them play somewhere that I lend my name to is important to me. As the years moved on I have created additional relationships and trust with JustBet (Ucabet, BetGuardian) and Wagerweb. Ryan and I know these people. We know management, we know the powers that be in the departments and for that reason we can feel comfortable and confident in the recommendations. I know if there was ever to be an issue I would be one of the first to be made aware and in that regards able to contact the guys that have signed up with us to inform long before there could be a problem. Again many guys sign up because they hear of a great bonus, someone makes them an offer they cannot refuse. The most important thing to remember is to play somewhere you know you are going to get paid. Just because you see an offer too good to refuse doesnt mean it is. Anyone can offer you a 1000% bonus if they have no plans on paying you. So my most important recommendation is to sign up with someone you know and trust, someone that you can contact if you have an issue. Here at BTB we pride ourselves in our communication and customer service.

Being an owner of a pest control company for almost 20 years before selling my company, I feel qualified to be able to give you pest control advice on your pest problem, but that doesnt mean I feel comfortable in recommending an exterminator in the town you live in. Is it any different when you go to a large forum and just sign up because they advertise a sportsbook? You want to be able to build relationships there and with people you can work with and trust. Its not different signing up with a sportsbook.

Just my 2 cents. So before signing up with someone, contact the person that you know that can give you good and accurate information. I think anyone coming to BTB can be assured they can contact any moderator here and be guided to who they should speak with and where to sign up before they do so.

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  • 12/19/2012 10:54 AM

    Spooky WTF 80-18 last 30 days? 81% DAMN SON

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12/19/2012 10:53 AM

Spooky put it pretty good...Mark also said it right that nothing is guaranteed in life....look at these huge US companies that go under. Enron? AIG? I mean you really never know.

The one thing I can say is that places like Bookmaker, DSI etc.. to name a few have been doing this online for over 25yrs. They have been around longer then Microsoft! Yea thats right...

These new books come in offer great bonuses, low juice things that make it hard to generate profits. Factor in the cost of processing your working behind the 8 ball if you expect everyone to lose it doesnt happen. One of the biggest signs is if you see people start complaining about wtihdrawals over and over. Each book will have a bump with payouts but most will get it fixed within a couple weeks.

I personally think the best way to operate is have an account at 2-3 top books so you can get a good line. And take out some profit occasionally if you have it. I read where guys have huge amounts at one place dont do that to yourself.

Do I trust the books we put on here! Yes 100% I have visited each one. They are not small operations. You would be amazed at how rinky dink some of these books out there are. They work in a 1 room office with a few people. Books like Bookmaker own buildings.

So in closing if I ever got the feeling that things were getting bad down there I would say it, there are probably places that would hold back but not me. Be safe as you do never know..

Regarding withdrawls... Under 10k is pretty quick these days over that via wire is going to take 2wks+ and you need to make sure your wire details are 100% correct banks reject with as little as a middle intial missing... so when your betting that kind of money you do need to be patient

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12/19/2012 11:17 AM

Great stuff guys - thanks for all of the info!

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