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12/24/2012 10:41 AM

The Worst Of Week Sixteen, Bah Humbug

Before we get started, I hope that everyone has a very merry the Lions lost again! Now how about we get to laughing at the Steelers which is what we all want to do anyway?

Tiny Ben - Yeah yeah yeah, he's hurt but that is TWO games in a row that he absolutely pissed away with poor decisions. That can't happen. Yet I love it because fuck the Steelers. They're going to rightfully shit-can Todd Haley probably today (they should) and that is sad because I want that loser to coach the offense forever.

Miles Austin - This guy totally sucks. While Dez is likely the worst person on earf, at least he has sick talent. Smiles just blows. The Cowboys WILL lose next Sunday. Book it. Eventually, they won't be able to make those bananas comebacks that are growing very annoying.

Rainbow Tenor - The Chiefs had well over 300 yards rushing, scored 13 points total, and lost because their QB is a homophobic homo. That might be the most head-scratching oxymoron ever.

Rex Ryan - Either make him join the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club or fire him already. They gave up eleven sacks!

Terrelle Pryor - At halftime, he was the Raiders leading receiver. RAIDER NATION!!!

Lions fans - Yes that includes ME!!! That was a tough scene on Saturday night because the Lions are a complete and utter joke of a team but the fans stuck around and I watched every second to cheer a Tron record. The only problem is that nothing about that team is worth cheering this year. That team should have been booed from start to finish with the performances they offered this year. Certainly there were many injuries but they were healthy at times and still pissed away a few games.

ELIte Manning - The Giants are terrible. Here's the thing and it applies to the Steelers, too: This whole notion that teams can "turn on the switch" is the biggest crock of shit in sports. It's freaking stupid. The only thing that veteran teams can do is put awful performances behind them. They don't just get better. If you underachieve, then you are an underachiever. Stop using that term. It's just an excuse.

Andy Reid - Bye bye, fatso. The Redskins played like shit and still rolled because Nick Foles is a tard. PLAYOFFS! You know what, the worst of the week was this:

That's it for this week. Everyone have a safe Christmas tomorrow. When you're sitting in church tonight or tomorrow not paying attention, just think about how great it is to be me.

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