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On 12/13/2012 07:56 AM in NCAA Basketball

thursday college hoops

One Unit (22-25)(-5.50)
Two Unit (6-3)(+5.40)
Three Unit (4-0)(+12.00)
Five Unit (0-0)(even)
OVERALL SEASON (32-28)(+11.90)

2-1 dropping 0.20 units on Wednesday. Another horrible schedule for Thursday.

Wichita St +1 vs Tennessee (two units)………This line tells me who the winner is. A small conference team playing at an SEC team and yet the line is what it is. Wichita St is simply the better team, it may not be easy, but I think they get the win tonight.

Seattle +8 vs Washington (one unit)………….I guess you could call this a rivalry. Seattle played them tough last year at Washington and now they get them at home. Just a gut feeling here.

I am shocked I even found two games to bet on, including one I really like out of four games on the schedule.

Good Luck Everybody!!