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On 12/06/2012 12:26 PM in NFL

nfl week fourteen


One unit (20-20)(-4.85)
Two unit (20-14)(+8.30)
Three unit (13-16)(-14.40)

OVERALL SEASON (53-50)(-10.95)

My theme this week is expect the unexpected.


Oakland +10 vs Denver (one unit)………….It feels like when a team has an automatic win, they barely win. I have absolutely no reason to take the Raiders and that is why I am doing it.

Green Bay -6.5 vs Detroit (three units)…………..For a team with a pretty good QB and great stats, the Lions sure know how to lose. Who would not take almost a TD with this offense vs a Packers defense who does not play much pass defense? They always have a fighting chance at home, but get them on the road and their chances diminish a good bit in my opinion. The Lions will get their share of points, but the Pack will put a hurting on them at home. Green Bay 48 Lions 31

Tennessee +5 vs Colts (three units)…………The whole world is jumping on the Colts bandwagon right now and who can blame them. They are back at home where they have been a much better team. They are playing Tennessee who is not very good. They are only giving them five. The Colts should kill them. It looks like you can put a million dollars on the Colts. We all know what is going to happen and if it just a question if you have the guts to take Tennessee.

Philadelphia +7.5 vs Tampa Bay (two units)………..Tampa’s QB and offense has been lights out for the past month and now they get a team at home who has forgot how to play the game. As insane as this may sound, I get the feeling the Eagles are going to win this game. The Eagles playing on the road will help them.

Carolina +3 vs Atlanta (two units)……………Yet another fishy line. Carolina stinks and Atlanta may be the best team in the NFC but they are only giving them a field goal. Looks like another lock, so I will go the other way on this one.

The rest of these are one unit plays.

San Diego (whatever line is when it comes out) vs Pittsburgh………It does not matter what the line is to me here. Pittsburgh with a huge win at Baltimore last week, they have the number one defense and more than likely getting Big Ben back and they are coming back home vs the always over rated Chargers. Don’t ask me how, but this game will be close.

Arizona +10 vs Seattle………..Seattle is back home where they do not lose. Arizona has maybe the worst QB situation in the league and have no offense what so ever. No reason to think Zona even scores in the game and it should be a blow out. Watch and see if Seattle does not squeeze out a win.

That is all for this week. It scares me to death taking all these lousy teams. Wish me luck……I may need it.