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On 12/05/2012 02:18 PM in NCAA Basketball

wednesday college hoops

One Unit (13-19)(-7.90)
Two Unit (2-0)(+4.00)
Three Unit (1-0)(+3.00)
Five Unit (0-0)(even)
OVERALL SEASON (16-19)(-0.90)

2-2 picking up 1.80 units last night. Getting closer to the break even mark. Really starting to get into this now with college football over until the Bowl Games start. Here are some more winners I hope.

Charlotte +8.5 vs Davidson (three unit)…………This one is very similar too my first three unit winner with Wyoming last night. This is just too many points to give a solid team who has won their first seven games. Charlotte could win the game, but I expect Davidson to win a real, real close one. Love all these points.

Temple -3 vs Villanova (two unit)………..I really think Temple is the much better team at this point in the season. Don’t see Villanova having a great home court advantage either after splitting four games at home. Temple also on a five game winning streak. This is a rivalry and it will be close, but talent will make the difference in the end.

Toledo +11.5 vs Detroit (two unit)……….I don’t see a huge difference between these two, so I will grab the double digits vs a team who has lost three straight.

Loyola-Maryland -6 vs Niagara (two unit)…………….Better team, playing better at the moment, solid home team vs poor away team and laying just three buckets. Should be a double digit win.

Memphis -3.5 vs Ohio (one unit)…………..I know this Memphis team is not as good as teams of the past, but they are and have always been a great home team, so I will try them with this small a number.

Marshall +5.5 vs West Virginia (one unit)…………This one just smells like a 2-3 game to me. Just a gut feeling.

I like a few others, but I don’t want to go crazy and I think I will stop for today. Good Luck Everybody!!