finance Posts:9512 Followers:233
On 12/03/2012 09:56 AM in NCAA Football

Some Bowl Bitchin'

Obviously in the current CFB environment the ND/Bama game is the only one that REALLY matters, and I'm all for helping out the little guys some, but come on....instead of Florida/Oklahoma we get Florida/Louisville and FSU/Northern Illinois ends up being the New Years night Orange Bowl....the Big East and ACC shouldn't even get bids to these games - would have been much better with Fla/Oklahoma and FSU/Louisville in a throw-away game (and I live in ACC country so no bias here....LOL)

Georgia Tech gets to play in a bowl game at 6-7 after getting an exception from the NCAA before the ACC championship game...they actually get to play USC on New Year's Eve after their stellar season...they were only in the ACC championship becuase the 2 teams above them were ineligible - LMAO....not sure this is the way Matt Barkley envisioned going out....playing a 6-7 team in his last game...

Louisiana Tech at 9-3 screwed up and is missing a bowl - if you look at there's a great rant by La Tech alum Karl Malone just hammering the football staff and administration for not taking an Independence Bowl bid and ending up nowhere....

A couple of games that look entertaining at first glance -

Oregon/Kansas State
ND/Bama of course - I've underrated ND all year and it sure seems like Bama should kill them, but I would have thought the same thing about Oklahoma at home and ND murdered them....

What other games is everyone looking forward to?

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bobalou Posts:5451 Followers:148
12/03/2012 11:32 AM

I too was shocked that LA tech was left out with a 9 - 3 record. But it seems like every year some teams are getting the shaft. But I suppose in someone's mind they are doing what they think is right. I have NEVER thought teams with losing records should play in bowl games. Even if they win their conference championship games. Losing records should not be allowed in.

But what do I know

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marksmoneymakers Posts:30746 Followers:142
12/03/2012 01:59 PM

The whole world is upset that N Illinois is in a BCS Bowl. What a joke.

spooky Posts:4728 Followers:319
12/03/2012 04:24 PM

Couldnt agree more. Its not anything against N Illinois. They did most everything they had to this season short of winning the Iowa game, before anyone knew that Iowa was horrible. But the fact that Big East, Big Ten and even ACC teams are playing in some of these games is a joke. The circle is round and it just shows the NCAA how stupid they are the way they handle the bowl games, BCS and everything else. Create an 8 team playoff and then let the rest play out the way it should. IDIOTS!!

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mojo822 Posts:583 Followers:6
12/03/2012 04:32 PM

New Years Day is God Awful

jimmythegreek Posts:12819 Followers:394
12/03/2012 07:28 PM

You know you can make a case for any of the points listed above. However, if you nearly run the table in the MAC and won your championship why not be rewarded? 12-1 and nationally ranked the NCAA which screwed up during the realignment process anyway deserves to give respect due to the smaller schools as Finance mentioned. Everybody brought home the scenarios as valid disservices to the NCAA, but you're going to tell me that the 8-5 Wisconsin Badgers out of the Big Ten, which Spooky mentioned as one of those conferences deserves to play for the Rose Bowl at 8-5???? They hung 70 on a Nebraska team. So what? The Huskers proved all season long they basically can't stop anybody on a neutral site or on the road. They can stick that 70 up Ron Dayne's behind! Had Ohio State been bowl eligible or perhaps even Penn State a lot of these arguments wouldn't have taken shape in the first place. You could play in the California Penal league for all I care. These smaller schools you can bet will not waste the opportunity nonetheless to represent their university and the deserving paycheck that goes with it. What about Northwestern's strong finish down the stretch. They went 9-3 and are headed to the Gator Bowl.

Louisville may belong to the follied Big East, which hopes in the near future to pick up some more schools to replace those leaving to perhaps strengthen the conference. However they did go 10-2. Louisiana Tech goes 9-3, and Georgia Tech gets a bowl bid because of a lousy ass exception at 6-7? How many years have we seen this and what am I missing, because the Jackets play in a major conference? Forget all of these conferences that get at larges and must be zoned to a bowl game whether they win or lose their championships. Represent the BCS bowls by strength of ranking and not so much a conference championship. Isn't that's what the regular season is for in the first place?

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dannyb73 Posts:14 Followers:0
12/03/2012 08:07 PM

All as I can say is; Remember when Boise State did not belong? No. Ill may or may not hang with the big boys but I want to see if they can. Bet against them, I will be with them.