marksmoneymakers Posts:29855 Followers:142
On 09/22/2011 10:26 PM in MLB

Should I be worried about my Phillies??

They sort of suck right now. I know they have everything clinched that they can clinch, but come on. I am not so much worried about their hitting, because of resting guys and some guys hurt, but even their pitching has been bad.....even Halladay and Lee have got knocked around lately. What do you guys think? Can the switch be turned back on when they want to? I hope so.

premiumplaya Posts:368 Followers:3
09/23/2011 03:37 AM

the pitchers should never let up. they're trying to hit their spots at all times. but i think that lee and halladay are much as i hate lee for leaving texas lol. there is no doubt, phillies will be in the world series, imo. now the AL is a different story. i like the rangers of course, i could see detroit, and oh wait there's new york and boston/possibly tampa.

Good luck.
bobalou Posts:5405 Followers:148
09/23/2011 07:22 AM

Mark, I sure hope not. Phillie as a rule has what I humbly believe to be the best overall pitching staff. That old saying that good teams find a way to win is usually true. I think Phillie and the pitching staff will do the same. Most all go thru some type of slump during any given season so let's just hope this is the "team slump" and be hopeful they are getting it out of the way now!

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marksmoneymakers Posts:29855 Followers:142
09/23/2011 08:56 AM

Premium........I am rooting for your Rangers. I cannot stand the Sox or Yanks. Would not bother me to see Detroit either.

Bobalou........Sure hope you are right, I just don't like a team playing this way headed into the playoffs. I know all teams slump and this is the phils first slump this year. I just don't understand the pitching failing right now. Anything than a world series win is a disappointing year for the phillies.

jimmythegreek Posts:12652 Followers:392
09/23/2011 09:29 AM

I think the pitching is fine. However if there is anything to be worried about it's the offense. They're lucky to be winning close low scoring games before they clinched, and while they shouldn't lose their focus, I'd say over the last few series it's time to start inserting the lineup Manuel plans to have for the postseason. The pitching hasn't been too bad over this seemingly meaningless losing streak, but the offense needs to start gelling before it catches up to them in the first round.

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pleiner10 Posts:6271 Followers:44
09/23/2011 09:56 AM

you don't have to worry about the Phillies tonight...Hamels takes care of business

enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:61
09/23/2011 04:01 PM

Nothing to worry about. These last few games have no signifigance for them. They'll likely be a different team come the playoffs.

marksmoneymakers Posts:29855 Followers:142
09/23/2011 04:22 PM

You know the old saying "you cannot turn it on and off like a switch" I am a little nervous. Cole Hamels does not have a very good history vs the Mets....would not be shocked if the losing streak continues at least one more game. Hope I am wrong.

Thanks everybody for your opinions.