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On 09/22/2011 08:17 PM in NCAA Football

i never won so little at the track

while losing so much!..lmao today i put 2500.00 in my 5 dimes account i opened last week, my other sportsbook always shuts off the races with like 3 min till post i hate it...so i went to 5 dimes for my racing too, well at 5 dimes i can bet .25 and .50 cent tris and supers..my old one was a minimum of 1.00 so i ended up winning 180.00 today, but then i went thru and added up what i woulda won had they been 1.00 bets and it was 632.00 more i woulda won...1 tri i got 47.00 for a .25 race so that woulda been about 180.00 for the 1.00 wager..and so on ..i had to laugh, cause i wanted to cry..my fiancee told me to MAN UP!..LMAO I SWEAR... but it is fun for me to be able to throw some off the wall exotics when they are cheaper....i told her the one i hit paid 134.00 for my .50 wageri wouldnt of played it probably if it was 1.00 threw a 11 to 1 on top for fun is how...but you get my point..lol all i do is exotics anyway ...well sorry to take up space on the football board gl guys 151

You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.