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Does everyone just put the max units in order to achieve highest capper score?

I am selective and only play 3-4 football games a week, but I have an 18-5 record ats and a 6-0 in my last 6 ... because i don't play enough games though there is no way I would ever be up 16890 units in a week ... it seems absurd to achieve, you have to pick 1689 winners at 10 units a piece? ... that doesnt make sense.

Can someone explain the ranking system to me please.

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11/11/2012 01:40 PM

It's a good question...I normally always flat bet the same amount per game at 1-2% of my bankroll and for a while I was just putting 1 unit for each of my monitor plays but with everyone doing 10 units for every game I figure you just have to do that to keep up so just look at every $1,000 won as 1 unit so $16k is really 16 units won...btb has mentioned putting in a roi stat which will help level the playing field too...

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11/11/2012 09:23 PM

The # of units at its strongest per play would depend upon the capping method an individual uses. Certain handicappers base all of their plays on an even keel as Finance mentioned, while the other approach isbeing some plays are stronger than others. On an average NFL Sunday or CFB Saturday I will have 2 or 3 strong plays or best bets that will range from 5-8 units. Some of my other smaller plays or less popular may be in the 2-3 unit range. Your win and loss percentage will really not be affected but more your profit loss margin. Also as Finance mentioned if you have a number of units won the total units won or lost can be attributed to a base of 10 or two decimal points to the left.

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