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On 11/08/2012 02:09 PM in NCAA Football

ncaa football week eleven


One Unit (21-22)(-3.25)
Two Unit (15-10)(+10.10)
Three Unit (14-10)(+8.10)
Five Unit (0-1)(-6.00)
OVERALL SEASON (50-43)(+8.95)

1-1 dropping 2.30 units so far this week after my three unit loss yesterday. Here are my plays for the rest of the weekend. On vacation, so no write-ups. Just want to get my plays posted. Will be home Saturday night. Saturday is a travel day for me.

Virginia Tech +13 vs Florida St (one unit)

Teaser (one unit) -110
Arkansas St -1 vs La Monroe
Connecticut +9 vs Pittsburgh

Penn State +8 vs Nebraska (three units)
Louisville -2 vs Syracuse (three units)
Northwestern +9.5 vs Michigan (two units)
New Mexico +1 vs Wyoming (two units)
Minnesota -3 vs Illinois (one unit)
Marshall -3 vs UAB (one unit)

I will not be adding any more plays. Good Luck Everybody!!

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11/08/2012 02:27 PM

Agree with the Penn State play, think +8 is beyond fair and will even go small on the M/L, good luck.