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On 11/06/2012 06:16 PM in NCAA Football

tuesday college football


One Unit (20-22)(-4.25)
Two Unit (15-10)(+10.10)
Three Unit (14-9)(+11.40)
Five Unit (0-1)(-6.00)
OVERALL SEASON (49-42)(+11.25)

2-4 dropping 4.80 units last week. That makes the third straight losing week. Still having a decent season, but I feel like it could be so much better.

Still here is Disney and don’t want to spend too much of my time on the computer, so write-ups will be real short this week.

Tuesday Night

Ball St+7 (-120) vs Toledo (one unit)……………don’t see much defense in this one. I think the last team with the ball wins the game. Bought a half just to be safe, but don’t think I will need it.

More to come later………..

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11/06/2012 07:08 PM

Love the play. I've gone small on Ball St M/L, just think they're good enough to hang around. Good luck.