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Rex Ryan most Overrated

So last year I think the poll said he was the coach most guys want to play for, now he is the most overrated. Funny what a year will do for a coach. End of the day its about winning and guys will play for anyone that wins.

Of the 103 players from 27 teams who were polled, 35 voted for Ryan. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick finished second with 16 votes, while Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid finished third with nine votes.

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11/06/2012 02:04 PM

I would definitely expect those aforementioned on the list. If I had to pick a fourth or at the very least an honorable mention it would be Norv Turner considering how long he's survived in San Diego and his reputation to sport underachieving teams. They've had the ingredients for years to be a formidable threat to make the postseason, yet several games they should dominate on paper always seem to fall short of expectations.

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