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On 11/05/2012 11:25 AM in NCAA Football

BCS Chatter

OK down to 5 unbeatens and Louisville most likely out of the is the remaining schedule for these teams..

Bama has A&M at home this week followed by a bye week (they play Western Carolina but may as well be a bye) and then hosting Auburn to finish the regular season

Kansas State (QB looks to be fine) plays at TCU, at Baylor, bye and home for Texas

Oregon plays at Cal, home for Stanford and at Oregon State

Notre Dame plays at Boston College, bye, and at USC

Louisville is at Syracuse, bye, home for UConn and at Rutgers

Alabama will face either Georgia (if they beat Auburn) or Florida (if Auburn beats Ga) in the SEC championship game

Oregon will face either UCLA or USC in the Pac-12 Championship game....that is unless they lose to Oregon State in which they probably wouldn't even make the Pac-12 Championship game...wouldn't that be something...

Kansas State is probably fortunate that there is no longer a Big 12 Championship game as that game has historically cost the Big 12 a representative in the BCS Championship game with upsets.....

Notre Dame is sitting pretty with only 2 games left and one of them a patsy....USC might be done after losing that game Saturday...

What does everyone think the matchup will be? Hard for me to see Bama losing now and I sure would like to see what their defense can do against that Oregon offense....

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11/05/2012 01:35 PM

I know you are talking BCS but I am just hoping to see some teams stay undefeated until the bowls....

I gotta agree on Bama.... I am not sure Any of the SEC teams will defeat them (Unless of course it would be Georgia in the SEC Conf. Game as iwutitan said - and on that I am still not totally sold) But as they say on any given day.

And YES... Oregon vs Bama would be a GREAT matchup (IMHO) so it would be pretty cool if they both stay undefeated.

K State is awesome as well. I hope they run the table too - They have very quietly been building a powerhouse of a team.

Louisville I think has a pretty easy road to undefeated status (operative word there is "think"...

Notre Dame has another easy road to undefeated status in my opinion... But in saying that I am not a Notre Dame fan and so I am kinda hoping BYU or Stanford bring the house and manage a win.

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