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On 11/04/2012 09:32 PM in General

anyone wagering on the election?

I know most books have at least a few lines for it. DSI has about 6 state lines as well as for the whole election. The limits aren't too high, but makes election a bit more fun.

coverit Posts:996 Followers:3
11/05/2012 02:20 AM

Obama's been a big favorite for awhile. I'm putting some on Romney, odds are decent, and it's shaping up to be close. Might be a sucker bet, but hey, I don't want either guy in office, they both suck.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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11/05/2012 10:12 AM

I havent placed any been following the reports on it... I think the storm here on the East pretty much locked it up for Obama. But some of those swing states should be interesting

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11/05/2012 11:10 AM

No way would I bet it, but I'm thinking Obama wins - just hope Ohio isn't so close the lawyers get involved and we go another month without knowing who won....

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
11/05/2012 01:46 PM

Well you know I love trends and I think I just found the best one for the election:

The Carolina Panthers beat the Redskins in Washington on Sunday, which should translate into a win for Mitt Romney on Election Day, if history is any indication.

How do we figure? It's the remarkably accurate Redskins Rule that forecasts the result of presidential elections.

Here's what the Redskins Rule means: If the Redskins win their last home game before the presidential election, then the incumbent party retains the White House. If the Redskins lose, then the incumbent party is voted out.

The Redskins Rule has been correct 17 of 18 times.

The Panthers, who entered Sunday with a five-game losing streak, won 21-13 at FedEx Field thanks in part to four sacks of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The rule traces all the way back to 1940, the first presidential election year in which the Redskins were playing in Washington. But it wasn't discovered until 2000 when Steve Hirdt of the Elias Sports Bureau was doing research in advance of the Monday Night Football game between the Redskins and Titans in Washington a week before the election.

The only exception has been 2004 when the Redskins lost to the Packers. According to the rule, that meant incumbent president George W. Bush should've lost the election to John Kerry. But after Bush won, Hirdt fine-tuned the language of the rule to account for this blip.

Even without the revision, a 94.4 percent success rate is difficult to ignore. Of course, this correlation is more happenstance than science but a surefire conversation starter.

In that same time frame, the result of the World Series has also been cited as a prelude to the election. The correlation is simple. If an American League team wins the World Series, then it follows that the Republican will take the election. If a National League team wins, then it's good news for the Democratic candidate.

This rule has held true in 13 of the 18 elections -- 72.2 percent -- including the past three. With the National League champion Giants sweeping the Tigers in the World Series, that is a positive omen for Obama.

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  • 11/05/2012 07:35 PM

    yeh, saw that Washinton thing and remember it from years past. I've been looking at the odds, amybe will do something later on tonite.

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jimmythegreek Posts:12647 Followers:392
11/05/2012 02:06 PM

Wow that's quite a correlation! I'm not comfortable in taking Obama at nearly 1-4, but I also wouldn't risk more than a small wager on Romney given the odds. Too bad there wasn't an over under number for electoral votes.

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