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On 11/03/2012 01:18 PM in NCAA Football

Really? To those in the monitors picks section.

To those picking Money lines in the Monitor. You are really playing plays with your own money like Ohio St -25000? Seriously? I doubt 99.9% of the people here can't place $25,000 to win $100. This stuff really should be taken out of the monitors section. It just pads a cappers record. If you can't pick against the spread then you don't need to be monitored. Just my opinion. Any thoughts from the real cappers here?

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11/03/2012 01:46 PM

Yea I agree those bets are pretty out there and while I dont really want to remove them because some people like to bet and track it its doesnt make a whole lot of sense. Thats why I added some of the tabs to spread, ML etc.. A future option thats coming is ROI (Return on Investment) and some other graphs etc this way people can see even better the top cappers etc..

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  • 11/03/2012 01:47 PM

    Thinking further it may be an idea to remove ML above a certain amount but will give that more thought

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11/03/2012 02:21 PM

I would limit it to -500 if it were me. The first thing as a legit player is being able to see who is the real deal in the top 7 cappers of the week and the top cappers in history. I can guarantee these guys aren't really playing 20 picks a day risking hundreds of thousands of dollars for a very low ROI. This is a great site and hope to see more realistic data on what people are wagering on. Great job!

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11/03/2012 02:43 PM

Usually when lines realistically exceed double digits it becomes that much more difficult to obtain a ML, though you have capper who will still take a chance on some large + money when some of the top books can still calculate or convert one. I like the fact that in a blowout situation some will be relatively modest because they don't want to mess up their overall profit, but from a sensible approach I like the idea to limit the larger ML's when it is an astounding chalk.

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11/03/2012 03:12 PM

Being one of those "offenders" I can add this:
I do play a lot of my ML picks, but not all of them. I post my ML picks in the monitor BECAUSE IT'S THERE and I'm allowed to do it. And who says that everyone s playing them as a single pick?? A ton of my ML plays are done in parlays. And I win damned near 80% of them.
here's an example of what played today:
[329] GEORGIA TECH -330
[331] CLEMSON -450
[334] ARKANSAS -330
[366] SOUTH FLORIDA -350
[372] GEORGIA -550
I laid 5 units to win 11.

When the larger ML plays are offered, II will play those too....byt they aren't always out there.

As well....I tease a lot of these
[314] ARMY +13-110 (B+6)
[317] VANDERBILT -½-110 (B+6)
[329] GEORGIA TECH -1½-110 (B+6)
[349] MISSOURI +24½-110 (B+6)
[373] SYRACUSE +11½-110 (B+6)
[387] TEXAS A&M -½-110 (B+6)
I laid 2.5 units to win 18.

[327] IOWA +8½-115 (B+6)
[351] NEBRASKA +6-110 (B+6)
[354] WEST VIRGINIA +2-110 (B+6)
[358] NOTRE DAME -10½-110 (B+6)
[372] GEORGIA -8-110 (B+6)
[385] TEXAS +12½-105 (B+6)
I laid 3 units to win 21.

But teasers aren't an option on the monitor.

Don't get upset with people if they pick stuff on the ML in the monitor............As it is right now....that is they're option....and they take it. Because they are picking something that is offered is no reason to get pissed at them.

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  • 11/03/2012 06:47 PM

    Hey JB you can do teasers and parlays in the monitor!

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11/03/2012 05:19 PM

First off let me be clear, no where did I say I was pissed off. And in direct response to JB and your post, if you are posting your ML plays in the straight section it's not the place to post them if your defense is your playing them as parlays. You CAN post your monitored plays as both a parlay are a teaser. It gives you the choice to make your pick as "straight", parlay, or teaser. So your argument is invalid. My point is for straight ML wagers. I highly doubt anyone in their right mind will actually through out 25000 for a 100 pay back. It's just not smart period. I suggest for people to take your picks seriously that you post your parlays in the parlay monitored section so we can see just how good you really are since you are claiming to hit 80%. If that is the case all the kudos to you and people would love to see that so they my want to follow you. Without it there though, we don't know that you are playing those as parlays and it's worthless. Just my thoughts... I would imagine this site was developed to "Bang the Book" and not solely to boost personal EGO's with plays 99.9% of us would never play with inflated ML's and terrible ROI's. Good luck to you. Hope to see your stuff in the right monitor section from here on out.

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11/03/2012 05:55 PM

Evidently you are pissed because you brought it up in the first place.

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11/03/2012 06:02 PM

I brought it up because it's not realistic for people to lay that with real money. And JB, I now noticed you have posted in the Parlay Monitored section which you claim didn't exist. Your record is 0-6 which isn't 80%. As a person who has been waging real money for 17 years in this business, it's nice to find a site like this one that has a monitor for each wagering type. Blowing up your win percentage with large risk ML picks doesn't make you a capper, Anyone can pick a 27 point favorite and pick them straight up. Now you would be talented if you could pick a 27 point dog that was an outright winner but we aren't seeing that. Good luck with your picks. It would be helpful to the people visiting here to put your actual plays in the right monitored section if in fact your are playing your ML picks as parlays.

  • 11/03/2012 06:48 PM

    He said teasers werent an option they are now we added them awhile back but not many use it... I think I need to put some how to videos together already

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  • 11/03/2012 07:23 PM

    and how long ago dd I post in the parlay secton????

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11/03/2012 07:16 PM

BTB, I just think we all need to read better including myself, since you have a lot of options here. You have the tabs up there and I'm loving this site. Great job!

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11/03/2012 07:26 PM

I'm done with this shit.....................a new guy comes in and calls people out when he has no idea what my history has been OVER 2 YEARS here.
I get questioned on my credibility by who?????

Later everybody. I'm done. I don't need this.

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