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On 10/31/2012 05:04 PM in NBA

wednesday nba

N…….not a chance of me winning
B……..because I suck
A……..And always will

First a brief history. I may be the worst professional basketball capper on the planet. My only hope is to find life on other planets to find somebody worse than me. Las Vegas calls me before posting lines so see who I like before they make lines…..I am that bad.
Since I am off work another two months, I think I am going to bet this year. However ALL of my plays will be for just one unit. So even if I would hit a blistering 30% it would not bankrupt me. College hoops is another story and I cannot wait for that to start, but until then I will give you guys something to fade.

The legend continues…………great start as expected. My threads should get a ton of views if for no other reason than a great fade. Here are Wednesday’s fades.

Dallas +8.5 vs Utah
Denver -1.5 vs Philadelphia
Clippers -3.5 vs Memphis

What are the odds of a 0-6 start? Don’t answer that. LOL

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10/31/2012 09:36 PM

i had denver also have clips to utah to lakers