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On 10/30/2012 12:13 AM in NBA

NBA Tuesday, Dallas -vs- LA Lakers

Mavs +9 (buy hook)

PPH Boss

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10/30/2012 09:37 AM

Good Luck - can't belive it's here already - just in time as bases closed out quickly....

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10/30/2012 02:36 PM

Yes and considering NHL has been put on ice so to speak - all focus is on hoops now!

Looking at one more play tonight (total), first want to see if there is any late movement before tip off.

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10/30/2012 05:37 PM

Can't get myself to bet the Lakers tonight, but am including them in a ML parlay with a couple others in football. With Kobe playing, Dirk out, home opener for LA, I don't see the Mavs being able to win. Cover maybe, but not win.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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10/30/2012 05:48 PM

The Lakers tend to start off the first few weeks of the season slow, lack of focus.

Mavs are missing Dirk, but I feel 9 points is not enough respect for a Dallas team who competes hard on the road.

Also the Lakers need a bit more time to find their chemistry, went 0-8 during pre-season.

Lets see who shows up tonight, look for Dallas to keep it close vs. Howard and Company.

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10/30/2012 06:15 PM

I honestly think Nash will keep the Lakers honest enough to cover this. Good luck everyone.