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On 10/27/2012 10:58 AM in NCAA Football

updated plays and lines for sat 10-27 151rum

taking wisc-5.5 public is on mich st....love it 2 stars
nebraska-2 1 star
over 57 mich game 2 stars
n.dame+13 2 stars..this line might go up more...but im grabbing it now
over 70 baylor 2 stars..almost made this a 3 star play baylors games usually have about 50 at half
w.kent-6...public is on fla int...w.kent is a solid team 1.5 stars
n.western-5 1 star.....
s.car-7 1st half 1 star....
over 54.5 n.car/nc st game 2 stars gl all be adding more in a bit 151

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