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On 10/22/2012 07:13 PM in NFL

tonights plays 151rum props too

as you know been on det all week, was rainy there earlier.... i got det+6...its 7 now.... i teased det+13.5 over 39.5 also det to score over 20 -115.......det to score over 10 1st half +100......over 9.5 1st qtr _120......det to score longest td +125...det wins 1st qtr +165..and look at this chic wins 1st half det wins game +1460.00 i put 50.00 on that..hell why not to win 730.00?? didnt do bad on props and 1st halfs yesterday at all raiders scored over 25 n.o. over 26 lost st.louis by a half pt...balt 1st half winner, over 21 oak 1st half, wash+3.5 1st half..lost st.louis+3 down 4 so 3 outta 4 and 2 outta 3 thats making money...won over tenn my biggest play..over RAIDERS, WASH, lost over wash by a pt, lost cinncy, lost st.louis, lost car late :( won jets, lost ariz by betting early oh well 5 pt dogs were 1-1-1 yesterday ariz pushed, lost 5 though, jax won, st.louis lost and detroit is tonight gl all 151rum

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