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On 10/22/2012 04:49 PM in NFL

Grow Your Portfolio? (4-2 NFL yesterday)

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Chicago Bears (-7)
The Bears are SportPortfolio's selection for MNF. The Bears have played a better schedule than the Lions, and played better against that schedule Though the Bears passing defense may be a little exposed tonight, are projections for Detroit have the Lions offense on a downward trend.

S.F Giants (-132)
A trip to the World Series is on the line and Matt Cain we project will have a better game than Lohse. Though Lohse has the ability to strike people out to get out of jams, the Giants should push enough people across the plate to advance in Game 7. The Cardinals offense is trending downward still and Matt Cain should have no problem leaving runners on base, the few that should get on for St. Louis.

Under 6.5 runs, Cardinals/Giants
The under is our play for the total. Both offenses have been below average over the last few games. Couple that fact with two starting pitchers that we project to be good tonight (Cain having the edge) and that is a nice equation for a low-scoring run environment. Plus the Giants' ballpark has a tendency to favor pitching.