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On 10/19/2012 03:33 PM in NFL

crazy how some lines are changing so much this week?

this wee i have seen the line on ariz/minny go from minny-5.5 to -6 to minus 7 back to -6 and then to 7 now 7.5?

wash/giants-7 then to 7.5, then to -5.5 a 2 pt drop is alot , then back to 7 now....

n.o. /tampa n.o.-3 opening, then to n.o.-1 back up to 3 then -1.5 and today back to 2.5....

jets/pats opening pats-11.5 then to -12 then down to 10.5 then to 11 now up to -12...

det /chic chic-5.5 ....then 6 then 5.5 then 7 i got them at 5.5 and like them even more at 7

balt/houst opening line 7.5 then 6.5 then 7 now 7.5

do you like early money?...or late money?..lol i bet a game early if i dont think it will get help late, or if i think it will help me to wait i do....sometimes im wrong but usually still cover hopefully :)
this week i bet det, i didnt think it would go to 7, i didnt see any injuries so its public money pushing it
i bet ariz at 6 it opened at 5.5 when i bet it it was 6 didnt think that would hit 7 either...

i bet st.louis at 5.5..it has since went to 5...never know what late money will do, id think it would go up, but im fine with it, all those games were bet because of the opening lines of 5 or 5.5....dont matter where they go, of course id like to get more, but the % is high that they will cover or win outright ..last week we had 4 outright wins from dogs with opening lines of 5 or 5.5

dall opened at -1 this week went to 2 then to -2.5 then today back down to -1...it takes alot of money to move a line 1 point aat a book usually, barring no injuries, just betting money moving a line , it usually takes alot exspecially at a major vegas book.
i was a bookie for over 20 yrs in the toledo ohio area, one of the bigger books here was a guy named BILLY SCOTT, who left the country and went to Antigua, and started offshore sports betting, yes thanks to him we have this now, he still is not allowed in the country, this is public knowledge, HBO once did a special on offshore sports betting and it featured him i was shocked to see him i remember him well, :) anyway it explained alot about football wagering, when the lines are first put out by Vegas books, they first go to offshore books before being posted here. OFFSHORE books put them out there to see where action goes by their big bettors,, and they move them accordingly, then after about 2 hrs, the vegas books put the adjusted lines out there, not all lines move but some do, it was very interesting to see this and learn it, they actually had you listening in on phone calls from guys who bet 20 dimes a game saying i like this, or i wouldnt touch that game, meaning that if a guy like that wont touch it, that they have a good line...always wished they would reshow that special or run a new one....he has since sold 50% of his offshore book in 2007 for 25 million dollars, i heard he was going to try to use some of that to get his legal stuff worked out with the u.s. govt. not sure what ever happened there. his sportsbook was the 1st one i ever joined cause i knew it would be legit, i remember when i joined i spoke to the sportsbook manager and told him how i knew billy and we talked for a few, he then opened a poker room on there called betholdem, ...
anyway this week has some games where the lines have went back n forth alot, its gonna be interesting to see where sundays action takes alot of these games
besides ariz, det, and st.louis, and seattle wich i got very lucky on last night, i also favor balt+7.5, dall-1, wash+7....i havent bet them but thats what i am loking at now gl all 151rum

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10/19/2012 03:41 PM

Wow great story Rum....thanks for sharing...should be an interesting weekend!

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