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On 10/16/2012 12:57 PM in NFL

ok..there are actually 3 games at the 5 or 5.5 pts.. st.louis added

ok...as posted....arizona opened at 5.5...when it was bet it was 7 2 stars on that....det opened at 5 pts and is still 5 2 stars on that...st.louis opened at 5.5 i am going to bet st.louis but wanna wait to see where it goes either way ill bet them if it goes to 5 ill bet it or if it hits 6 or higher ill bet it.....i think st.louis might go up...packers are a popular team, and if im not mistaken i think this is their 3rd road game in a row? seattle, houston, now st.louis..very hard to do well on 3rd road game in a row, like to see the stat on that as far as covering...it sets up well for st.louis too...HUGE! road win for gbay at houston, it will be hard to match that emotion, after beating a undefeated team on national tv, to carry that on the road again playing a much weaker team in st.louis.....it sets up perfect for the rams....public may bet this up to 6 or 6.5 but i could also see this staying at 5 a definate play on the rams here gl all 151...last week shoulda done a money line parlay with all 5 pt dogs..they all won ..gbay, det, tenn, giants..25.00 parlay wooda paid about 1200 i think...this week a 25.00 money line parlay with rams, lions,ariz pays 780.00 i think.. gl all 151rum

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