alouis6284 Posts:577 Followers:11
On 10/10/2012 09:21 PM in MLB

Oakland Athletics is a LOCK tonight!!

The A's will def take this one tonight!! Huge game!! This is a triple dime special for all members


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ryanchacha Posts:261 Followers:4
10/10/2012 09:51 PM

not the four letter word.. i'm on detroit. good luck though!

coverit Posts:996 Followers:3
10/11/2012 01:08 AM

LOCK and LUCK go hand and hand.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

alwayswiener Posts:10 Followers:0
10/11/2012 01:24 AM

good pick. Close game though. I parlay NYY and OAK. made some $$

alouis6284 Posts:577 Followers:11
10/15/2012 04:26 AM

Shit happens. I'm a professional capper but can't be right all the time lol


  • All Time Record: 180-171-3