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Armadillo: Sunday's six-pack

Six most popular picks and six least popular picks in Hilton handicapping contest, which has 700+ contestants, all of whom who pick five NFL games a week against the spread. They put up $1,500 each, so these are serious handicappers........

6) Houston Texans, 177
5) Tennessee Titans, 198
4) Baltimore Ravens, 203
3) New Orleans Saints, 205
2) Pittsburgh Steelers, 217
1) Cincinnati Bengals, 255

25) Indianapolis Colts, 91
26) San Diego Chargers, 87
27) New England Patriots, 86
28) Kansas City Chiefs, 78
T29) Buffalo Bills, 75
31) New Jersey Giants, 65


Armadillo: Sunday's List of 13: Wrapping up a college football Saturday........

13) Three of top five teams got beat Saturday, with LSU/Florida State getting blanked in the second half on the road, first time since 2008 that three of the top five teams lost on the same day.

12) Florida State led 16-0 at halftime in Raleigh, but Seminole QB Manuel took an awful sack in Wolfpack territory when Seminoles were up 16-10, costing his team a shot a field goal that would've been very helpful about an hour later. NC State was missing three starters on offensive line.

11) If you like to invest in games, you can spend hours looking at stats, like some of us do, or you can just read the papers, and go against the teams who appear on that week's police blotter........
-- TCU's QB was suspended after a DUI: Frogs (-7) lost on the up.
-- Missouri had five guys suspended; Tigers (-7) lost on the up.
-- Wake Forest had five guys suspended; Deacons (+7) lost 19-14, but at least they covered the spread.

Winning two of three by that method ain't bad.

10) Miami had a WR drop a wide-open TD on the first play of the game, and it was all downhill from there, as they got bamboozled 41-3 in Chicago by Notre Dame. They'll be payback down the road for this one.

Quick lookalike: Miami coach Al Golden and the late George Allen, who coached the Rams and Redskins. He has some of Allen's mannerisms.

9) Wheels have completely fallen off at Auburn, which lost 24-7 at home to a dysfunctional Arkansas team. Is it possible for a coach to be on the hot seat less than two years after he won a national title? Nothing has gone well for coach Chizik since Cam Newton left town.

8) LSU was supposed to have improved QB play this year, but they've scored 18 points in their last two road games, they converted only 1-13 on 3rd down Saturday with only 8 first downs in an ugly 14-6 loss at Florida. The offensive coordinator at LSU makes $750,000 a year; could be a long week for him.

7) Duke is 5-1, its best start since 1994; Blue Devils beat Virginia 42-17, after trailing 17-14 at the half. Duke is coached by David Cutcliffe, who had a decent stint at Ole Miss but got run out of town after Eli Manning went on to the NFL, despite having only one losing season in Oxford.

6) ESPN might want to think twice about airing BYU games on weeknights; they've already had a 7-6 loss to Boise State, a 6-3 win over Utah Stateon the nation's airwaves, a couple of snoozefests. Conference games are more fun to watch, that is almost always true.

5) North Carolina outrushed Virginia Tech 339-40, thumped Hokies in Chapel Hill, 48-34. UNC survived 15 penalties for 126 yards. This is as bad as the Hokies have played in years.

4) If you bet on Central Michigan (+11.5) Saturday, someone upstairs has it out for you; Chippewas were down 5 in the last minute, and Toledo kicked a FG to go up 43-35 with 0:54 left, something like that. You know it is a bad day when Toledo runs pick-6 back with 0:38 left to cover, 50-35. Rockets also had a punt return for TD and another pick-6 earlier.

3) There were 23 unbeatens coming into this week; now there are 16.

2) Penn State outscored Northwestern 22-0 in 4th quarter to hand the Wildcats their first loss of the year, 39-28. ESPN's Brian Griese went out of his way to praise the coaching QB McGloin has been getting this year, a not so subtle dig at the old QB coach, Jay Paterno.

1) Ohio State 63, Nebraska 38. Cornhuskers' coach Bo Pelini played at Ohio State; you get the feeling these two teams are going to be great rivals, both on the field and on the recruiting trail.

Buckeyes scored a TD on a 16-yard run with 0:48 left; hmmm.....

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NFL weather watch: 100 percent chance of rain for ATL/WSH

NFL game weather and resulting stadium conditions can have a significant impact on player performance and the outcome of football games. Bettors should take weather conditions into consideration, especially when placing over/under wagers.

Here are the matchups being threatened by inclement weather Sunday:

Cleveland Browns at New York Giants (-9, 43)

Site: MetLife Stadium

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the low-50s with a 75 percent chance of rain. Winds will be out of the west.

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5, 43)

Site: Heinz Field

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the mid-40s with a 40 percent chance of showers. Winds will be light out of the west.

Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins (3, 50.5)

Site: FedEx Field

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the low-50s with a 100 percent chance of rain. Wind shouldn’t be a factor.

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers (-2.5, 41.5)

Site: Bank of America Stadium

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the high-50s with a 45 percent of precipitation. Winds will blow out of the north at 8 mph.

Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars (5.5, 40.5)

Site: EverBank Field

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the low-80s and partly cloudy skies at kickoff. However, the threat of a thunderstorm increases to 25 percent in the
early evening hours. Winds will be light out of the east.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (-6.5, 51.5)

Site: Gillette Stadium

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the high-40s with a 75 percent chance of rain. Winds will be calm.

Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ers (-10, 45)

Site: Candlestick Park

Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the low-60s and partly cloudy skies. The real weather story here will be the westerly 17 mph winds.

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Las Vegas Sharps Report - NFL Week 5
After winning Thursday night with their strong opinion on St. Louis as a home underdog vs. Arizona (driving an opening line of +3 down to +1.5 or +1 in a game that would yield a 17-3 outright victory). Sharps are now hoping for similar success with their early action in games for Sunday and Monday. Let’s run through what Sharps are thinking about this weekend’s action in rotational order.

Note that Dallas, Detroit, Oakland, and Tampa Bay all have byes, so there are only 13 games on the NFL card.

The interest here has been on the total, as an opener of 52 has been bet down to 51. The team side line of Atlanta -3 has stood solid. We would expect Sharps to fade any public move off that critical number. But this is the kind of game that could divide the public too. Most Sharps would prefer the home dog on principle, but think the number is basically right on the money, barring any sort of surprise injury news over the weekend. Sharps are impressed with both Atlanta as a playoff threat, and with Washington as a dog with upset potential. That all cancels out at this line.

Initial interest on the underdog here as Pittsburgh -4 was bet down to -3.5 There wasn’t enough passion to bring the line down to the key number of three, however. Many Sharps had given Philly the best NFC Power Rating when the season was about to begin. Now the team now isn’t even the top-rated side in Pennsylvania, with this line opening a point over the standard home field advantage. Sharps did like the Under though, as an opener of 44.5 is down to 43.

This line opened Green Bay by 6.5…which is usually a sign that oddsmakers believe the “sharp” side is going to be the dog, and they’re inviting the public to bet the line higher. Instead, Sharps stepped in and took the line to seven. Some of that is probably position-taking from Sharps hoping to buy back on the dog later at a better price, but there is a feeling from some that Green Bay is the much better team, given Indy’s overall youth. There’s also a contingent of Sharps who are betting the NFC over the AFC because of the relative strength shown thus far in the season (consistent with Philly money vs. Pittsburgh in the game above). The total hasn’t drawn much interest yet.

Serious interest on the Browns here. That flies in the face of the NFC/AFC theory, but IS consistent with the general view that the Giants can't be trusted as big home favorites! You’ll recall they almost lost outright to Tampa Bay on this field a few weeks ago as favorites of more than a TD. Here the line opened at -10.5, but has been bet down by Sharps to -9 or -8.5. Sharps also like betting rested teams at value prices. Cleveland hasn’t played since last Thursday. A lot of good “intangible” reasons to take the dog at a double digit price. Stragglers will have to decide if all the value has been bet out now. No interest yet in the total.

Tennessee earned support at the opener of +6.5, largely because Sharps don’t trust the Vikings as favorites, especially here at this price, in what Sharps figure to be a low scoring contest. Sharps generally lean dogwise anyway. Yes, Minnesota has taken out San Francisco and Detroit the last two weeks, but the game stats haven’t matched the results. Tennessee is now +5.5. We’ve also seen a big move on the Under from a total of 45.5 down to 44 or even 43.5. This is an indoor game, so that’s based on team matchups (like a new QB for Tennessee) rather than weather. Sharps mostly don’t have a lot of respect for either of these offenses right now.

Miami has impressed in recent weeks, as this opening line of Cincinnati -5.5 was bet all the way down to -3. Normally you only see a move that big when a starting QB or star player is announced as “out.” But that's not the case here. Sharps like what they’ve seen from Miami in terms of their “keeping it close” potential, against the likes of the NY Jets and Arizona the past two weeks, and were happy to grab any points above the field goal. The total has gone up a point from 44 to 45, which suggests good football weather for Sunday in Cincinnati.

Like Green Bay/Kansas City, the opener saw the road team laying -6.5. But, unlike that game, Sharps didn’t drive the favorite up. They stepped in tentatively on the home dog to bring the number down to +6. Some of that is from old school guys who love getting points with KC in this stadium, which is always a challenging place to play for the visiting team. Still, Baltimore had extra time to prepare, and Kansas City’s home field advantage isn’t what it used to be, so some Sharps may be waiting to step in on the Ravens if the line drops any further.

Not much betting interest on this game either way. The home team is favored by three…and each team has a quarterback who Sharps are questioning right now in terms of having “the right stuff.” Enthusiasm is fading for Wilson of Seattle after his struggles thus far, and Cam Newton’s engines have cooled off dramatically since 2011. Sharps will fade any public move off the key number Sunday, but that's unlikely to materialize , as these aren’t high profile teams in terms of public betting.

Jacksonville joins the list of home dogs bettors are able to back this week. Sharps liked them at the opener of +5.5. We’re now seeing +4.5 in many stores. Some of that is situational: Chicago is a road favorite playing on a short week after a road Monday Night game, historically a bad spot for teams. This line move is likely more anti-Chicago than pro-Jacksonville, as they lost badly last week on this same field.

This will likely be the a heaviest bet game in Vegas sportsbooks because Peyton Manning is facing Tom Brady in the showcase matchup of the Sunday slate. We haven’t seen much Sharp interest yet, though. New England opened at -6.5 and has stayed there. That suggests that Sharps DON’T like New England. Obviously if Sharps wanted Brady, they would've grabbed him at less than the touchdown . So we likely have the Sharps preferring the dog, but hoping they can get +7 or better on game day after the public steps in. The total is up from 51.5 to 52 or 52.5, suggesting decent game day weather for these two noted passers. Game day may see a tug-of-war between squares on New England -6.5, and Sharps on Denver +7.

The old school guys who like to take any double digit dog moved in on Buffalo at +10. We’re now seeing +9.5 in most places. It’s telling though that the move was only a half a point. This wasn’t bandwagon support for the road dog, just line value support from a certain type of Sharp. The total is up a half a point from 44 to 44.5, keyed by the style of game Buffalo has been playing this year. They’ve had some very high scoring games thanks to a shaky defense and a turnover prone offense.

This line opened at New Orleans -3. Sharps hit the favorite hard enough to move off the key number to -3.5 and -4 in some places. We’ve told you in the past that it takes a lot of interest (read M-O-N-E-Y) to move off a three. Sharps have spoken! Squares won’t get to back a popular home favorite at that critical number on game night. Moral of the story - Act quickly if you like a favorite!

Sharps have shown a lot of respect for Houston (particularly when healthy) this year and last, and they’ve shown a lot of disdain for the Jets. So, it was no surprise at all when this line opened at Houston -7 and got bet up to -8. The opener may have struck some as being high, but oddsmakers have the Texans to be at least 10 points better than the Jets on a neutral field right now…and Sharps had it more like 11 or better based on their quick investments here.

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Sunday, October 7

Game Score Status Pick Amount

Atlanta - 1:00 PM ET Atlanta -3 500
Washington - Over 51 500

Philadelphia - 1:00 PM ET Philadelphia +3.5 500
Pittsburgh - Over 44 500

Green Bay - 1:00 PM ET Green Bay -6.5 500
Indianapolis - Under 49 500

Cleveland - 1:00 PM ET N.Y. Giants -9 500
N.Y. Giants - Under 43.5 500

Miami - 1:00 PM ET Miami +3 500
Cincinnati - Under 45.5 500

Baltimore - 1:00 PM ET Baltimore -6 500
Kansas City - Over 47 500

Seattle - 4:05 PM ET Seattle +1 500
Carolina - Under 42.5 500

Chicago - 4:05 PM ET Jacksonville +6.5 500
Jacksonville - Under 40 500

Tennessee - 4:25 PM ET Tennessee +6 500
Minnesota - Over 44 500

Denver - 4:25 PM ET New England -5.5 500 (DBAB)[/B
New England - [B]Over 51 500

Buffalo - 4:25 PM ET San Francisco -10 500
San Francisco - Over 44.5 500

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Sunday Night Best Bets:

San Diego - 8:20 PM ET San Diego +3 500

New Orleans - Under 52.5 500

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Reeling NY Jets Host Texans On Monday Night Football

The New York Jets may be the most maligned 2-2 team in NFL history. They host the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football as a solid underdog.

The Don Best Pro Odds opened the Jets +7 and it’s up to 8½-9. The total is a low 41½, and ESPN's Monday night crew will begin at 8:30 p.m. (ET) from MetLife Stadium.

The Jets (2-2 straight up and against the spread) are tied for the AFC East lead, but one would never know it by reading the local New York papers. Almost everyone feels they are doomed after losing star cornerback Darrelle Revis (knee) and receiver Santonio Holmes (foot) for the year in the last two weeks.

Coach Rex Ryan knows the injuries are a real blow, but hopes his team reached a low point in last Sunday’s 34-0 loss to San Fran as 3½-point home ‘dogs. The offense generated just 145 total yards and 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers said the Jets quit. Ryan claimed the team was ‘just tired,’ which is one of his normal laughable statements.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez has been a big part of the problem (69.6 rating, ranked 30th). His receiving weapons this week are almost non-existent with Holmes out and rookie Stephen Hill (hamstring) doubtful. Tight end Dustin Keller (hamstring) is listed as questionable after missing the last three games, but that seems optimistic.

There was a rumor that owner Woody Johnson would push for Tim Tebow to start playing more, but there doesn’t appear to be much truth to that. Sanchez would really benefit from the running game picking up (86.5 YPG, ranked 24th), but both Shonn Greene (2.8 ypc) and Bilal Powell (3.8 YPG) are average talent at best.

The Texans (4-0 SU and ATS) are one of two undefeated teams left after Arizona lost at St. Louis last night. They are the favorite to win the AFC (+140) in the current future odds as well as to win the Super Bowl (+350).

Coach Gary Kubiak is certainly enjoying his change of fortune. Houston didn’t even make the playoffs his first five years and it wasn’t certain he would keep his job. A tough loss at Baltimore in the Divisional Round last year appears to have built momentum for this season.

The health of quarterback Matt Schaub is another reason for success. He missed the last six regular season games and the playoffs with a foot injury. This year, he has a 105.3 rating (ranked third) and the offense is second overall in points (31.5 PPG).

The Texans defense had some questions heading into the season after losing defensive end Mario Williams to free agency and the trade of middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans. However, the unit ranks first overall in both total yards (273 PPG) and points (14 PPG).

The Jets are hoping that the Texans’ fast start is a bye-product of an easy schedule. They have been 13-point favorites twice against Tennessee and Miami. Their game at Denver was the only real tough one (31-25 win as 1-point favorites).

Houston is 2-0 on the road this year and 7-1 ATS in its last eight away overall.

The Jets have won all five lifetime meetings (4-1 ATS) against the Texans. Houston did cover the last game in November 2010, a 30-27 loss as 6½-point road ‘dogs. That was also the first ‘over’ after the ‘under’ started 4-0.

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Monday, October 8

Tale of the tape: Texans at Jets

Take a quick glance at the tale of the tape for Monday night’s showdown between the Houston Texans and New York Jets.


Houston has outscored its opponents by an NFL-high 70 points this season, the highest total for any team at this point since the 2009. Quarterback Matt Schaub, who ranks second in the AFC with a 105.3 passer rating this season, is a perfect 8-0 and has completed 142-of-215 passes (66.0 percent) for 1,835 yards with 12 TDs over his last eight starts. Oh yeah, and the Texans have one of the most potent rushing attacks (136.5 YPG) in the league.

New York Jets lost their top offensive star back last week when WR Santonio Holmes went down with a Lisfranc injury in his left foot during the team's 34-0 loss to the 49ers. San Francisco held the overmatched Jets to a measly 145 yards of total offense and nine first downs while forcing four turnovers. Tight end Dustin Keller could miss a fourth straight game with a hamstring injury along and rookie WR Stephen Hill could also sit out with a hamstring injury. New York's receiving corps is devastated with injuries, with second-year pro Jeremy Kerley now the primary option.

Edge: Texans


Texans DE J.J. Watt tallied two of the Texans' four sacks in their victory over the Titans last week. He has recorded 1 1/2-plus sacks in every game this season and has 7 1/2 on the year. He anchors a defensive unit that leads the AFC in scoring defense at 14.0 per game, total defense (273.0 yards a contest) and passing yards allowed (182.8).

49ers CB Carlos Rogers was quoted saying, “It seemed like they (Jets defense) didn’t want to be out there,” in a radio interview earlier this week. The Jets gave up 245 rushing yards and missed 17 tackles in the loss to San Francisco and appeared demoralized in the second half once the game was out of hand. New York ranks 21st in total defense and has to find a way to move on after losing CB Darrelle Revis to a season-ending knee injury.

Edge: Texans

Special teams

Texans K Shayne Graham has converted on seven of his eight field-goal attempts this season, but the Texans rank towards the back of the pack in punt and kick return averages.

New York’s special teams have been pretty good. Kicker Nick Folk is perfect in six field-goal attempts and Jeremy Kerley had a big punt return for a TD in Week 1.

Edge: Jets

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Monday, October 8

Texans at Jets: What bettors need to know

Houston Texans at New York Jets (9, 40.5)

Rex Ryan called this year's edition of the New York Jets his best team yet. Crushing injuries to two of his best players may prevent Ryan from ever finding out if he was right. New York will look to bounce back from a humiliating home loss to San Francisco when it hosts the undefeated Houston Texans on Monday night. The Jets absorbed another body blow this week when they learned that former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes would be lost for the season with a Lisfranc injury suffered in Sunday's 34-0 loss. That robs the team of its best offensive playmaker one week after all-world cornerback Darrelle Revis suffered a season-ending knee injury.

TV: 8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN.

LINE: Texans -9, O/U 40.5

WEATHER: Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the low-50s under partly cloudy skies. Wind shouldn’t be a factor.

ABOUT THE TEXANS (4-0): Houston has fashioned its perfect record with the blueprint that Ryan has been seeking: A balanced offense built on a bruising running game and a dominating defense that leads the league in a slew of categories, including fewest points allowed per game (14). Three of the Texans' four wins have been by at least 20 points, and they led by 20 points before holding off a late comeback in a 31-25 win at Denver in Week 3. Quarterback Matt Schaub has looked sharp in his return from last season's Lisfranc injury, completing 67 percent of his passes and throwing for seven touchdowns against one interception. Arian Foster has scored four rushing touchdowns and is averaging 95 yards per game on the ground.

ABOUT THE JETS (2-2): New York is coming off a woeful effort in the loss to the 49ers, managing only 145 total yards and nine first downs. The whispers for Tim Tebow are getting louder after starting quarterback Mark Sanchez completed 13 of 29 passes for only 103 yards and an interception. It marked the third consecutive game that Sanchez has completed fewer than 50 percent of his passes. Rookie wideout Stephen Hill, the team's second-round draft pick, sat out last week's game with a concussion and could miss Monday's matchup. The ground game continues to go nowhere - running back Shonn Greene has rushed for only 97 yards on 41 carries in the last three games.


* Texans are 1-4 ATS in their last five meetings.
* Under is 4-1 in the last five meetings.
* Texans are 7-1 ATS in their last eight road games.
* Jets are 1-4 ATS in their last five Week 5 games.


1. Schaub has won eight consecutive starts dating to last season.

2. The Jets have won all five meetings with the Texans, including a 30-27 victory in November 2010 when Sanchez threw for 315 yards and three TDs.

3. Texans WR Andre Johnson needs 76 yards to reach 10,000 for his career.

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MNF - Texans at Jets

October 7, 2012

The Texans have rolled through all four of their opponents as Houston looks for the first 5-0 start in franchise history on Monday night. The Week 5 card closes out at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey, as the Texans take on a dysfunctional Jets' squad that still has a chance to go above .500 with a victory.

Rex Ryan's club is missing its top offensive weapon in Santonio Holmes, as the former Super Bowl MVP suffered a season-ending foot injury in last Sunday's 34-0 home defeat to the 49ers. The worst part about losing Holmes was the timing of the injury with the Jets already down 17-0 when the receiver fumbled and taken back for a touchdown to put the game away. San Francisco cashed as 3 ½-point road favorites, while the Jets were limited to just nine first downs and 145 yards offensively.

The question heading into Monday night is how much longer will Mark Sanchez remain the starting quarterback for the Jets? The ex-USC standout is completing just 49% of his passes, while connecting on only two touchdowns in the last three games, following a three-touchdown performance in the opening week blowout of the Bills. The 48 points scored against Buffalo may seem like a huge fraud as 14 of these points came from the defense and special teams, as the Jets have scored 33 points the last three contests.

While the Tim Tebow rumors swirl around the Jets, the Texans have no questions at their quarterback position with Matt Schaub completing 67% of his passes, while owning a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 7/1. Houston has scored at least 27 points in all four victories, including a season-high 38 points in last Sunday's 24-point rout of Tennessee to easily cash as 13-point favorites. Three of Houston's four wins have come by at least 20 points, while in the victory over Denver in Week 3, the Texans held a 20-point advantage late in the third quarter before holding off the Broncos by six points.

New York's secondary took a major hit when Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis tore his ACL in a Week 3 overtime victory at Miami, as the Jets allowed 379 yards to San Francisco. When Revis missed the Week 2 loss at Pittsburgh with a concussion, Ben Roethlisberger shredded the Jets' defense for 275 yards and two touchdowns.

Houston is the longest road favorite on a Monday night this season, as the Texans look to beat the Jets for the first time in six tries. The last time these teams hooked up in November 2010, Gary Kubiak's team rallied from a 23-7 deficit to take a late 27-23 lead, but Sanchez found Holmes on a 6-yard touchdown strike in the final seconds for a 30-27 triumph. The Texans managed the cover in the loss, cashing as 6 ½-point road underdogs, but the loss dropped Houston to 0-5 in five lifetime meetings with New York.

The AFC South leaders have dropped three straight Monday night contests since 2009, with the last game being a home overtime defeat to the Ravens in 2010 as three-point underdogs. Houston is pretty reliable in the road favorite role since the start of last season, compiling a 5-1 SU/ATS record, including victories over Jacksonville and Denver.

The Jets suffered their first loss as a home underdog in Ryan's tenure against San Francisco, falling to 3-1 SU/ATS in his three-plus seasons. This is the sixth Monday night game for New York since 2009, as the Jets have put together a mediocre 2-3 SU/ATS mark, as one of those wins came over the Dolphins last season, 24-6 as seven-point 'chalk.'

The Texans opened as seven-point favorites, but the number has jumped to eight at most spots, while possibly going up to nine by game-time. The total is set at 40, with several 40 ½'s floating out there. The game kicks off at 8:30 PM from Met Life Stadium and can be seen nationally on ESPN.

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Monday, October 8

Game Score Status Pick Amount

Houston - 8:30 PM ET N.Y. Jets +9.5 500

N.Y. Jets - Under 40.5 500

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