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On 09/30/2012 08:20 AM in NFL

Hilton Picks Week 4

My Picks this week:
BANG THE BOOK ., 10, 5, 0, NE, CAR, KC, STL, JAX

The leader has:
3POINTDOG ., 13, 2, 0, BUF, DET, KC, STL, JAX

NE could be a big pick if it wins... Side note when they lost two in a row they won by an average of 20pts the next time out
Week 4 LVH SuperContest NFL Picks By Most Contestants (2-2-1 last week, 6-8-1 YTD)
1 New England -4 By 278
2 San Francisco -4 By 262
3 Minnesota +6.5 By 219
4 Cincinnati -2.5 By 207
5 St. Louis +2.5 By 171

Week 4 LVH SuperContest NFL Picks By Widest Margin (2-3 last week, 6-8-1 YTD)
1 New England -4 By 190
1 San Francisco -4 By 190
1 Minnesota +6.5 By 190
4 Cincinnati -2.5 By 89
5 St. Louis +2.5 By 68

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09/30/2012 08:22 AM

Additional picks that almost made the cut

49ers ( I figure the way this line looks, its pretty inviting to take the niners but I think this is one of those win one for the gimper etc... Think Jets D keeps this very close

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09/30/2012 09:41 AM

Good luck man...agree the niners are the trap of the day again....

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09/30/2012 09:51 AM

Very tough week to determine I would imagine. I always like the I will zig when everyone else is zagging theory.

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09/30/2012 10:21 AM

GL Ryan 👍

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09/30/2012 10:42 AM

Good Luck thanks for the Info!!


"It's A Canes Thing, You Wouldn't Understand"
btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
09/30/2012 08:04 PM

Niners did what I thought... But figured Jets would have shown up alittle..

Anyway another 3-2 week, felt like it should have been better but will take it.. As long as I go 3-2 or better every week will be right there at the end. Having the real refs back will make a difference as well as we go forward. The play seemed 'crisper" if thats even a word this week

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09/30/2012 10:17 PM

good job ryan keep it up.