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On 09/27/2012 05:09 PM in NCAA Football

JB's I'm Back From Arizona Express

Ok OK OK.....so I'm not Spooky...but then again, no one is that short anyway. I just figured it would be a great way to get some smart-assed response from him, and get people to read my shit.

As some of you know, I retired from the Air Force 3 weeks ago after 38 years of service. During the weeks both prior and after, I was really busy dealing with getting my retirement set up, and then hunting for deer in Ca. and property in Az. after. So I have not been able to post much during that time.

I am changing all that now starting with this post.

Tonight I am taking in 4-3 round robin with the NFL and NCAA combined.

I am on:
Baltimore -12
Over 44
Stanford -7
Over 49

As well...I am doing a 6 point teaser on these:
Baltimore -6
Over 38
Stanford -1
Over 43.

On Sunday I will be back to my usual antics with second half plays. Last Sunday I went 6-2 on those, and the week prior I was 7-3.

I see a lot of college plays I like a TON, and several NFL on Sunday.

Good luck folks...looking forward to getting back in the groove, and Spooky's smart-assed comments.....yeah Marc....I saw your post a couple of weeks ago on your express asking if anyone has seen me.
Bring it on brother!! I can banter with the best of 'em!!

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